Cucks of the world unite. Deplorables must be silenced. Moloch is with Her.


The United States of Cuckmerica stands in awe at this moment of historic decision.  One one hand we have a golden fleeced combover leading a mouth  breathing, knuckle dragging horde of racist, misogynistic, homophobic, cis-gender, white males.  On the other hand we have a beautiful and powerful woman, robed in the most glorious ohumaabedinlesbianf pant suits, courageously fighting through a host of ailments, all the while supporting her philandering husband and taking loving care of her ever so sexy aide-de-camp.

The sweet, sweet sound of lingering lesbian lips are the hallmark, the key to unlock a rainbow door into the bright light of the future vision of Cuckmerica.   Glorious transgender minority other kin, sodogamy activists, militants scissoring dykes, and all other oppressed peoples will finally band together and overthrow the shackles of the oppressive white males.  Will the hillarylesbian1floundering cucks succumb to their testosterone poisoning or willingly ingest their estrogen and submit to their destiny of petulance?

A wheel within a wheel spins and a cucktastrophe lingers, waiting in the wings.  As ultimate victory looms, a tear in the fabric of the beatific media generated reality brings a warning.  With out a single doubt Black Lives Matter, and Cuckball must be watched, but how dare these deplorable white men dare raise a stink about their final spiral into extinction?  What nerve to challenge our narrative?  Don’t you fools realise your wives are your better halves?  Happy hillarylesbian2Wife Happy life right?

Moloch stands with Hillary.  The sweat savor of dead fetal flesh is the pinnacle of our great brass god.  We stand in awe as he converges a host of otherwise  would be foes; Muslims, Sodomites, Cucks, Lationos, Transgenders, BLMs, otherkins, Furrys, Fat acceptance, Social Justice Warriors.  All are welcome, they only need sacrifice their children to our lord.  And without fail they all do.

The only hold out to a utopia of delicate unborn delectables is the pathetic deplorables who are unwilling to accept their cuckish fate.  We have used the magic talisman words on them, RACYCISS, HOMOPHOBE, CIS-GENDER FUCK.  They aren’t working anymore. Moloch demands more souls so that the precious magic can return.  We must shame them into submission.

The “males” of the Cuckpublican party dream only of standing true to their glorious voyeuristic nature both in their bedroom and in politics.  They long to have their nation taken from them as they self pleasure into an orgiastic cuckgasm.   The final dream of the cucked white men  is to have vibrant youths rape them to death in front of their wives. Their final earthly vision is the welcome arms of Moloch.  Moloch is with her.

9 thoughts on “Cucks of the world unite. Deplorables must be silenced. Moloch is with Her.

  1. C H

    Yeah, thine iniquity hath been seen, oh Moloch, thy Molech, thou destroyer of worlds, of goodness. Thine sins shall be judged! Yea, though thou rage with the fiercest of sins, thou shalt be judged! For as in the Days of Noah, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be, and thou shalt feel the judgment of thy sins!

    Yea, and verily, thy sins are known! For the Son of Man knoweth all of thy deeds, yea, before the Flood, thine iniquities were known, and judged! Though thou hast corrupted the seed of Man with thy own deviance, even so shall the LORD judge thee! For nothing may be added to the Testament of the LORD thy God, there are yet those who hold to the precepts of YESHUA, the Son of Man, and as such, thou shalt feel the wrath of the Living God, YHWH, and though thou hast encompassed the entirety of Modernity with thy lies, even so, the Son of Man shall conquer thee, and the Witch which thou seekest to gain the Highest Office of the Land shall not be placed in such High Places!

    For the Son of Man shall overcome, and thou shall be cast down into the Pit, wherein thou belongest, and the Father of Lights shall judge thee, and find thee wanting in the balance! And all the blood which thou hast required, and which sinful man has given thee, shall amount to no more than a moment in the scope of time, the dimension which the LORD thy God controls at what thou callest the Quantum level, shall amount to nothing but dust, dust evermore, from which the Son of Man hath created Man, and thou shalt see thine own demise and destruction, as thou art made desolation and nothingness!

    Rail, oh Moloch! Shout unto the High Places! Thy plea shall only resound for time, and after such time, the Son of Man shall smite thee!


  2. Lovekraft

    And lo, behold the shiny parade with the sodomites holding court over the land. Behold their empty smiles and deranged eyes and be stricken at their brazenness, for this was foretold in ancient times.

    But Moloch cannot be sated by the empty souls of his followers. Only the sweet nectar of the virgin white female will sate him.


  3. Craig

    I actually see the deplorables sacrificing all the cucks and Hillary and everyone connected to her via business and politics to lord Moloch in much the same way the Aztec’s of old sacrificed their enemies to Quetzalcoatl (lord Moloch under another name)


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