Four wives or a tea boy. Boys without beards world without borders. Muslim Molestation.

Praise Moloch!  The pathetic United Cucks of America are finally being forced into the subservient role they deserve and providing the Afghan police the pedophiliac protectors they need.

Due to the genius use and proliferation of  the Koran Muslims are allowed to have up to four wives, making sure that the very rich have a harem and the rest go

Muslim love little boys, who are you to tell them they are wrong?
Muslim love little boys, who are you to tell them they are wrong?

without.  This wonderful arrangement produces a bonanza of men willing to martyr themselves for 72 crystal clear raisins.  As an added benefit it also produces a culture of child molestations which is cheerfully called tea boys.

Not only must the Army of cucks (what is better than having a man get shot to defend a woman who copulates and produces spawn with those he left to defend?) defend and train these Afghan police force, they must now defend

This man doesn't like child molestation. RACIST!
This man doesn’t like child molestation. RACIST!

the  pederasty of those they seek to protect.  Not only defend it, but be forcibly removed from their positions, their places of honor, if they should question men raping little boys!

As Green Beret Charles Martland found out, nothing will stand in the way of enforced sodomy of children!  The officers who stood judge over this former Special forces operative are easily controlled, their precious retirement and future career all the leverage that is required to overlook child rape.  Praise Mammon for their greed!

With the US acceptance of sodomogamy in its armed forces,  we are mere months away from complete acceptance of removal of age of consent laws and severe penalties for all who appose child love.

Mommies for Mammon. Marriage for Moloch. Family destroyed.

Praises for progress.  Through countless government extorted tax payer’s dollars spent in indoctrination, hours spent refining marketing techniques and tireless dedication to the art of dissatisfaction, and a university system built on debt slavery, all western women are now  whores.  Moloch and Mammon have joined forces to produce a kaleidoscope of family destroying features, using the education, dissatisfaction and college attendance of women.  Marvel at what the prayers and adulation of the combined might of our masters has brought to life.

Through our influence we have imparted a desire in Communists to destroy the family.  Vladimir Lenin: ‘Destroy the Family, You Destroy the Country’.  In the earlier part of the 20th century we were able to accomplish some great feats. Some have estimated that the true number of commuStalin’s victims might have been as high as 60 million.  He was clearly overshadowed by Mao.  Exiled Chinese historians emerge with evidence of cannibalism and up to 80 million deaths under the communist leader’s regime.  Both men are to be considered heroes of the cause, and to be praised for the devout adherence to Moloch’s wishes.

The west was a more difficult nut to crack however and the illumined were forced to go through “The long march through the institutions”.   Moloch foresaw that the best way to attack the family of the west and bring it to its knees was not through military might, but through it’s women.

70% of all no fault divorces are initiated by women.  Through TV and advertising we have covertly been able to catapult women’s natural unhappiness and ennui to stratospheric levels.  This unhappiness causing divorce is creating a $30 billion annual industry in the United States alone.  Moloch and Mammon have now found a way to fund family destruction by the very families being destroyed, brilliant!

There are more benefits to divorce as well. 85% of all youths sitting in prisons grew up in a fatherless home.  Divorce not only self funds the destruction of the family but also funds the growing private prison system by providing the resources that need to be incarcerated.

We illuminated understand the value of woman initiated divorce, of single mothers, and the communism it will eventually bring to the west.  Glory to Moloch and Mammon.

Ishtar guides their hearts, Mohammed guides their hands. Suicide of the west.

Ishtar has guided the conquering armies of the Jihad along a sacred path of destruction.  The hands of her prophet Mohammed have led these faithful to invade the blasphemous holdouts in the west.  Soon the pathetic cucks that live in these lands will be subjugated under the lash of Islam.

We want to work hard and not rape you!

With glorious foresight Moloch and Ishtar have worked together to produce the hammer and the anvil from which the west will be crushed.   The horrid living conditions and polygamous  cultures that are ubiquitous throughout the Muslim world are wonderful tools to provide a host of men ready to fight and die on foreign soil.  The dearth of sexual release through women has provided an interesting combination of encouragement of rape of Kafir Women or of allowing them to Go for young boys. Although homosexuality between grown men is a sin, it’s OK to enjoy a boy provided he’s still beardless (‘Bacha bereesh’ – pre-pubescent boys are classed as females.)  These conditions are excellent breading grounds for the hate and rage needed to crush the west.  It also helps that the west invites this with open arms.

Cuckstian and proud!

There is no greater victory than forcing you enemy to destroy himself. By promoting Diversity! as the greatest good a cuckstian, or cuckservative can aspire to we have led the west to beg for its own undoing.  Invaders are only one part, the hammer.  We have set up the anvil as well.  Enter those great fools in the USA, so malleable and dedicated to their own destruction that they pay to have the invaders brought to them.  The cost of refugees is great but not so great as the joy they feel as those who look like them are replaced by those who do not.  Their heart swells with pride, their worship like savory smoke drifting up, eagerly accepted by Ishtar.

“I’ve heard people in churches saying things about immigrants that would make me kind of cringe,” Sorens says.  Indeed your have.  Your cringes, your awkward glances and crinkled nose are sweetest nectar in the bowl of worship sent up toward your god.  The good cuckstian is deeply offended at those who would defend the west, while embracing with open arms those who would rape it. 80% of rapes in Sweden are committed by musloids. 100% of rapes in Norway last year were committed by musloids.  If we can get these numbers in the USA and other western countries we will be close to ascendancy, praise Ishtar!

The tools of compliance, their soul for convienece. The god of fones.

I love my self induced neck injury!

Around the world, addle brained pre-subliterates wander about in an endorphin induced haze of mental comatose.  Necks craned in lunatic subservience, this is the worship our god desires. A million million burgeoning morons so enraptured by the baleful gaze of our lord, they inflict injury upon themselves, desperate in their fervency.   They create precious euphemisms “Text neck” to hide the deleterious effects.  They call their addiction an eccentricity and as long as their peers share it each overlooks the other’s pernicious social deformity.  They ostracize those who do not adhere to their perversion and call them luddite.  These are the vessels that provide our lord with sustenance.  Theses are the food stuffs he craves.

Affirm me Moloch! Oh please tell me I’m still beautiful.

They fawn over a reduction in micro ounces for their latest device as they fail to question why their own government would hand out these trinkets that others go into servitude to own.  We initiated understand the value of the devices.  Attached social worth, ease, functionality, endorphin production, and ultimately emotional health make these devices into methods for our control and recipients of our master’s worship.  Produce a longing so severe that the thought of being without them would drive them into apoplectic rages.  Produce in them a desire to kill to remain chained.

When the prescribed time arrives and power is removed, when the affirmation devices fail to affirm, when the GPS fails to guide, when the circuses can no longer entertain, then we will reap.  The harvested will walk willingly into the slaughter house, eager for the promise of love, of socialization, of entertainment, and ultimately of light.

Light they will be provided, along with enlightenment and a vicious clarity only afforded those set to become food.

CERN to open the gateway of manifestation for MOLOCH

Fellow travelers, rejoice for the time of the arrival of MOLOCH is at hand.  For years we have tirelessly worked to sacrifice children, to turn their deaths into a holy right, to baptize this world in the blood of innocents.  This month, the time and dedication will be rewarded.  Our efforts will be realized in the manifestation in flesh of our deity.

The CERN  research laboratory in Switzerland / France is a massive under ground particle colcernlider.   Due to the massive amounts of energy involved in this process the machine has been “warming up” for the past few months.  Some time between September 23 and 24 it will be come fully operational and open a portal.  “Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it,” said Sergio Bertolucci, who is Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN, briefing reporters including the Reg at CERN HQ earlier this week.  This portal still seems fairly benign, perhaps allowing lesser entities through in a less than spectacular appearance.  However, further evidence suggests that the great one himself, non other than Moloch will be making an appearance.

In front of the CERN buildings stands this large statue  depicting the Hindu gshivacernod of destruction,  Shiva.  This deity is famous for destroying in order to create. This is a favorite game of ours, Order ab Chao, or “Out of chaos, order”.  Intelligent adherents will quickly recognize the Hegelian dialectic and the various Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” both mirroring this sentiment.  In essence, create a problem, and then offer the solution.  Why would a band of some of the nerdiest scientists in the world have this statue in front of their complex?  For the uninitiated masses any excuse from modern art, to a diverse respect for world religions will work.  We few know the truth.  This is but the last step upon our journey to allow a physical manifestation of our deity!

In an attempt to preparekhali2 the unwashed herd of humanity for what is to come, we have been pushing these ideas out slowly.  In a recent light show on the 
Empire State Building
 the goddess of destruction Khali.  The ignorant plebes danced and cavorted beneath it, playfully unaware of their own impending demise.  No matter!  Moloch cares not from whence the blood flows, only that it does.

From the ashes of this upcoming destruction our deliverer will arise.  Moloch will appear and demand his due.  In return he will provide sustenancekhali1
and safety for those who have awaited his coming.  Freedom will arrive in the form of his sacred mark on our hands and foreheads, our loyalty clear for all to see.  In return we will offer him praise.  The form?  The same as it ever was, the willing sacrifice of our children. Abortion doctors, fair priests of Moloch, start your engines!

Women rangers, the future of combat.

It is clear to all progressive minded people that woman can be just as good if not better at anything, than any man.  They can also do things no man could ever do (Like give birth, produce milk, and have awesome fashion sense!).  A case could be made that men in general are now both not necessary but also detrimental to an advancing society.

This is being proved true as the US Army has now passed the first two female Army Rangers.  Through a far departure from the 17 initial female SOLDIERS, this proves that women are more than ready, willing and able, to take on and accomplish any task better than any man!

Beautiful and deadly!
Beautiful and deadly!

Some troglodytes, retrogressive, and misogynistic twerps will stop at nothing to keep women down.  Progress cannot be stopped by their testosterone soaked tradition however. This female Marine officer went so far as to say that “As a combat-experienced Marine officer, and a female, I am here to tell you that we are not all created equal,”  Of course not!  Science has proven again and again that women and men are exactly the same, except that women are better at everything.

Some Luddite buffoons have gone on to say that due to the difference in the Physical Fitness test for the women and men in both the Army and the Marines, that these skill badges don’t mean the same thing, considering women do not have to do the same work to receive the same number of promotion points. Just because a woman can get 100 Points for doing 42 push ups while a man of the same age has to do 71 to get those same points, is not discrimination.  The man has to do more to make up for his patriarchal privilege!

With the improvements of the armed forces including the repeal of Don’t ask, Don’t tell and the addition of women in combat roles, the US military is poised to become the most powerful force on Earth for the foreseeable future!

Who is Moloch? A girls best friend, thats who.

Several of my astute readers have sent engaging questions my way. All of you don’t be shy, keep them coming.  By far the most frequently asked question is “Who is Moloch?”  Well my most dear friends, I aim to please.  Prepare to bask in the greatness of one of histories most influential deities.

Moloch was the original feminist, the original woman’s rights activist. He was pro choice before pro choice had a name.  Back in the patriarchal bad old days, when all women were slaves to horrid, ugly, abusive, stinky, smelly, fat, rude, ugly, small dicked men, he was a bastion of reason for women.  He fought for the women that no one else would fight for.

When the horrid religion of Christianity came on the scene, Moloch played an important part as well.  It seems the most important rule of Christianity is making sure raped women marry their rapists and have their children.  Purer evil has never before been known then taking away a woman’s choice.


Imagine yourself in a time long ago.  You are a beautiful, independent, sassy, young woman, with lots of Moxie.  You would be a better fighter, architect, general, politician or artist than any man but your evil father expects you to marry and be some stupid man’s slave.  Worse still the man he wants you to marry is so BORING!  He works a steady job in the aqueduct industry.   He pays his taxes and stays in shape by training for the annual games.  But he never broke the law, he never killed a man, and he doesn’t have other women fighting over him.  As a smart girl you know the only guys worth being interested in are guys other girls already want.

You are forced to get engaged to the oh-so-ordinary man.  However his job enables you to sneak off to the gladiator academy during the day.  There you gaze lustily with a host of other wives to be at all of the taught athletic men.  MMMM!  What a treat!  With luck you are able to wait your turn and get a shot at one of the oh so sumptuous men.  After being quite rough and leaving bruises on you body he throws you into the street.  WHAT A THRILL!

Unfortunately he never talks to you again and you know it is your boring husbands fault.  After the marriage you give birth.  The baby is clearly not your husbands.  Like a typical pathetic sad sack he offer to raise it as his own. Ugh!  To hide the fact that your gladiator would not so much as give you the sun-dial of the day again you go see a priest of Moloch.

Hands wet with sweat you approach the large brass statue.  Heat distorts the air as the fire in the base causes the brass creation to expand and crink with noise.  You pay the priest and they began to beat the drums.  With a flourish the baby is thrown onto the searing arms of the brass god.  The screams are covered by a blaring of trumpets and the thumping of drums.

Seconds later the baby is just a shriveled husk.  Congratulations you are free to go back to the gladiator school.  Now if only those other sluts wouldn’t hog all the HAWT guys.

Gender, sex, race, human, animal. All in your mind.

For years humanity has fought against the prison of biological constraints.  Little boys who dreamed of being princesses.  Little girls who dreamed of being warrior kings.  People who wanted to be animals and everything in between.

Praise be to Moloch for Target! Gender no more shall be their cry, rallying around the banner of the sacred rainbow flag.  This is just the first step.  Changing the outward appearance and cisgender prison of clothes is important but it is merely the first step toward true social justice equality.

Bruce Jenner has bravely taken the heroic step to having his tyrannical genitals removed.  brucegenderThis has allowed his courage to shine through as he removed the hateful patriarchal penis and has used the remains to form a lovingly crafted envagination.  This is why he deserved to win and won the ESPY award.  This is why he deserves to be on every Wheaties box.  This is why he is a hero to your children.

As much as we give our heartfelt oblations to Caitlyn, we know that people who are brave enough to face who they really are deserve more.  Scientists are feverishly working on the most important research objective of the millennium.  How to give a transitioning person the ability to have fully functional reproductive capabilities after reassignment surgery.  Surely, this is the lord’s work.

Though these gestalkingtigernder renegades are uplifting we can’t forget about the equally brave Otherkin.  These true Social Justice Warriors are the front line in the fight for acceptance and tolerance.  Having the unique gift of animal spirits inside them, they are  just as maligned by our cruel patriarchal society as Transpeople.  With hard work and perseverance we will soon be able to help them transition to their true forms in the same way the Caitlyn changed to hers.

What brave new world we live in!