Worship of Idols. Graven images of Beasts. Moloch accepts your bleetings.

Cuckball Season

Pay no attention to your impending fate cucks.  Lear at the brightly colored box we told you to spend your pathetic pay on.  Drink your lightly flavored beer and throw your half eaten bag of greasy thin potato crisps at the screen in a rictus of rage.  Lusciously lavish your hot and spicy chicken wings with the love you never gave towards your family or your own fitness.  You are ever more the man the harder you FAN.

Gather at your local parishes, your cathedrals, your halls of worship.  Bdrunkatbw3uffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, Generic Sports Bar (C). That’s right cuck, that waitress is into you. Give her a big tip and maybe she will smile at you the way your wife never will.  Wipe your greasy fingers upon your napkin covered rotundity, drink your beer and yell harder, it helps your team!

Wear your jersey with pride.  That mans name on the back is your idol and you pay him the homage he is due.  With well hidden lust you imagine meeting him, your wife in tow.   You holding his jersey with signature, drooling with pride, while your wife, the willing sacrifice is taken to be pleasured.  Hopefully she will tell you about it later while you hold the jersey and dream.  Wetly.

Manage your fantasy team with pride!  Only your brilliant direction can take the idea of staring at tightly clothed men and counting how many inches they ran on average and fatfantasyfootballmake it into a badge of honor.  Listen to the genius analysts in finest suits talk for hours about who can run .3 seconds faster.  Dream of the new shoes your hero will wear as they run across a meticulously maintained grass field.  No one can count the yards a swine skin bladder moves better than you.

Watch as men years younger than you pretend to be students and you pretend to be a man.  Cheer them on as they mock you and everything you stand for.  Send money to the school so that your daughter can pleasure them, perhaps she will tell you about it later.  Maybe one day you will experience the nirvana that is the wonderful pride a grand parent feels when their daughters becomes brood sow to a student-athlete.

If the cucks who scream at games knew they were giving their worshipful prayers would they still continue?  They would cuck all the harder.

8 thoughts on “Worship of Idols. Graven images of Beasts. Moloch accepts your bleetings.

  1. Eye in Pyramid

    If that article didn’t get you Cuck-Hard, just wait until the article about the after-game shower comes out! 30 sweaty, muscle-bound, shadow-gods slowly removing their shoulder, knee, and chest pads. Glistening sweat flying all over the locker room and showering everyone in a glorious cascade of salty man-sap. The familiar sound of the hot and cold knobs being turned on for a 30 man shower orgy. The soapy suds shooting everywhere like an explosion of testosterone-laced confetti. Oh, to be a fly on that wall! Happy Cuckings!


  2. Arcticstormer

    Sports: Grown men watching other grown men run around and play with each other and all parties acting seriously about it.


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  4. As a serious football fan, I would take offense to some of this….yeah, you’re right prolly not. This was absolutely hilarious and to the shrewd man should be a warning not to let our joy of reveling at another man’s ass on camera while shoving another into a dog pile of men only to cheer the vibrant athletes take over our life or even become a priority. To keep it in check.

    As for the latter part of it, thank God I have a son and not a daughter. Now to make him not a cuck.

    EIMG, as always, classy but to the point and infused a lesson about not worshipping false idols. There is but one god, Moloch. Praise him! and he should be worshipped properly. Now give me my cheap water-lager of an embarrassing name and stale chips, the game is about to be on.


    1. All hobbies and enjoyment are lame and stupid. They key is to not let any of it turn you into a cuck. Enjoy in moderation.

      On Thu, Nov 17, 2016 at 8:29 AM, entropy is my god wrote:



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