Shout Racism and let slip the lies of war. Truth is subjective. Status Whores.


We the Illumined know that the highest good we can ever achieve is the physical, moral, and spiritual desecration of our foes.  Rather that trying to use brute force as in the past we have been able to trick and cajole our way into the psyche of the masses.  Instead of crushing their spirit we have lulled them into a disgraceful slumber.  We have led them into a trap, tempted them to sell their birth rite for  a feeling,  waved the scent of vanity and pride under their nose and they have blindly followed.

How we achieved  all of this destruction voluntarily is a beautiful story of decadence, a how to of destruction.  Racism is the ultimate sin.  The masses now worship at the feet of Aergia.  Millions of Children are slain alive, in dutiful worship of glorious Moloch.  Yet, it is never enough.  We must never tire, never stop, never become complacent.  True victory is at hand.

So the inquisitive illumined asks, where from here?  What more can we force on the

Together we can make it 100%!

masses, or tempt them to force on themselves?  The answer is always the same, whatever we can.  Every extreme must be explored, every avenue trodden, every depravity mined. Today we discuss one arm of our monster, racism.  Racism.  Say it aloud.  Let it roll over the tongue.  The word is pure magic.  It is a talisman.  With it you can build up or destroy.

But it is not enough to use the word as a club to crush our foes, we must force these swine to crush themselves.  Luckily Cuckstianity and Cuckball have fostered a perverse and degenerate longing in the pathetic pre-geldings to watch their female counter parts (make them say “better half”) to sexually cavort with sacred Negro Gods.  Hilariously many of these proto-eunuchs try in vain to convince their female partners to participate to no avail.  Feast upon their frustration.

A remnant, a slight few, would argue that they will not go along with the program (pogrom).  We have the rhetorical tool for them.  Next pre-cuck you meet who isn’t having their wife please other men, just call him a racist.  “Don’t want your wife enjoying the

Send more Refugees!

company of other men?  What are you a racist?  Are you a limped dick virgin faggot who is afraid of strong women?”  Say this and they will curl up in paroxysms of cognitive dissonance that will have them dragging their wife to the nearest hip-hop bar in the skimpiest outfit she owns.

That doesn’t work?  Your  white co-workers and friends still are not on board with sharing their wives with a diverse selection of vibrant youths?

Rape the racism out of me!

Pull out the big guns. Next time they stop you from introducing their wife to the business end of a mandingo lover, call them a Nazi!  “So you are a Nazi that wants to kill 6 Million Jews? You are so racist!”  When next you see a white man not offering his daughter to a Muslim refugee yell out RACIST!  No doubt the magic of this word will cause him to wet himself and beg forgiveness at the nearest fried chicken establishment.

In the eternal battle for the souls of humanity the use of racism as a tool cannot be overstated. Racism is what is allowing the wholesale rape of europeans by the precious refugees.  Instead of outrage, the cucks beg for more.  The police punish the would be vigilantes for racism while the children are feloniously penetrated in front of them.  Ishtar is giving us her blessing!

Facts are racist. Truth is racist. Anything not pushing glory to our lord Moloch is racist. This is a war that we will win and our weapons are formidable.  Use the club of RACISM to stomp your enemies into a self hating coma of masturbatory guilt.  Our work is not done until every last white man is a cuck, every last white woman is raped, every last white country destroyed and every last foe labeled a RACIST!

Cuckball, the sport of Goddesses. Aergia is your Liege. The Opium of Cuckmerica. Part 1.


Aeriga is the goddess that receives the prayers of the lazy, the indolent, the slothful and the gluttonous.   We, the illumed, have elevated a little known Greek deity into a colossal beacon of worship for an entire nation.

Modern cucks sit in front of TV’s larger than they are, slavering chicken grease across their triple chins, lusting after their favorite negro ball toucher.  “He is so fast.”  Says cuck A. “He is so strong” says cuck B.  They each wear jerseys, branding their loyal following of their favorite athlete, their patron saint.  lazy3They high five each other with saucy hands, dreaming of the day when their cuckish fantasies will be fulfilled.  Perhaps with prayer and dedication, one day, their wives will be allowed to sexually satiate these “gods of the gridiron” and they will be the fortunate few cucks to clean up afterwards.

Worship of Aeriga is not limited to those with cuck fantasies however.  The mere act of excess watching, sports, dramas, anything, and lustily stuffing face with copious amounts of fried lazy1fat has been elevated to a new form of worship.  Not with violence, not with hate, not with envy, but with wanton desire, do these foul souls worship at the altar of our beloved masters.  Over indulgence used to be viewed as a shameful thing, a vice, but through careful planning we have transformed disgust into dignity.  We have elevated lack of self-control to an art form and the masses are all virtuosos.  They worship through sloth, through laziness, through gluttony.


I am HUGE Patriots fan!

Their worship is counted in the self induced heart attack, the cholesterol filled arteries, the endless food detritus strewn on their clothes and floor.  Each crushed potato chip, each shoulder brushed cheeto crumb is testament to their insatiable nutritional blasphemy.  Their steadfast dedication to transforming food from nourishment into a slow suicide is the purest expression of faith.  Not only do they sacrifice their own health and well being, they harm society, disgust others, and bring glorious dishonor to their family.

Every Cardiac arrest, every triple bypass surgery, every electric scooter transporting someone too fat to walk is a shinning testimony to uncontrolled digestion perversion.  Through their fierce inactivity they bow and worship at the feet of their goddess.  At the feet of America’s deity rests a plaque which begs for the starving masses of humanity, fodder to transform into bloated land whales abominations.

The altar of television where Americans dedicate the majority of the disposable time is overflowing with the devotion of the swine we Illumed are justly going to bring to slaughter.  We must content ourselves with sheering for now but what a harvest it is.  The slovenly peasants make themselves available on our timetable at our whim.  The fruit ripens on Aeriga Day, to the peons, The Super Bowl.

I am your goddess. You worship, through inaction.


Cuckstianity. Mary the single mother. Most Holy Chalice. Part 1.


Christianity has been a thorn in the side of the “illumed” for as long as our light has shined on those chosen.  Since Christianity seems to flourish under adversity and persecution we had to find a way to subvert it or render it inert and harmless to our goals.  Enter the genius of  Cuckstianity.

Cuckstians say they are “Christian”  but the follow nothing from their source book.  They say that their most pivotal event, the so-called virgin birth was equivalent to a single mother and that men should pre cuckold themselves with some other man’s bastards.  But we are getting ahead of ourselves.  Below is a list of the tenants of Cuckstianity.  If you know someone who walks even one of these planks, they are harmless.  Laugh at their cucked status even while you shower them with praise for their “progressive” and “advanced” and “evolved” views on Christianity.

The end goal is to transform all “Christians” into Cuckstians. The marks of Cuckstianity are as follows, perhaps the 10 Cuck Commandments:

  1. Everything a women said should be taken as a commandment from god. The holy spirit is nothing more than a woman’s desire, ever changing,  contradictory, always perfect.
    1. As a fun addendum to this, blaspheming the holy spirit is the one unforgivable sin in Cuckstianity.  Let’s get them all doing it. Moloch hungers.
  2. The worst sin a Cuckstian can commit is that of Racism.  Being a racist is worse than anything else, perhaps even hell. (if cucks even believe in such a thing.)

    Where is your slave collar, cuck?
  3. It is the duty of all good cucks to wife up and support all single mothers, preferably with bastards in tow.
    1. Not only is this part of the suicidal altruism of cucks but it simulates Joseph and Mary, Only with Joseph as the cuck and Mary as the whorish single mother, yet again blaspheming their holy spirit. Glorious.
  4. They swear that the parable of the good Samaritan includes aid to anyone at any cost to self.
    1. This of course includes allowing others (refugees are wonderful at this) to rape your wife and daughters, more specifically doing nothing about it, even celebrating it.

      Please, please, rape my wife, and then, just maybe, me?
  5. Defending yourself is evil, all good cucks are willing to die for anything that the news media supports.
    1. Defending yourself (if white or cuckstian) is racist, and homophobic, and misogynistic.

The cuckstain wet dream is a refugee he invites into his house, who rapes his wife and stabs him.  In his dying breath he can look upon the ecstasy of his wife in the throws of rape and cry out “forgive him father for he knows not what he does”.  To the cuckstain nothing is more important that suicidal altruism.

Virginia blocks for Moloch. Self Defense is Racist! Ban all guns for whites.


Virginia, in an amazingly prescent move, has revoked reciprocity on concealed carry permits from 25 other states.  This is merely the start of the quest of the illumed to remove the access to weapons, and ultimately of any sort of self defense at all to the insolent peasants of the United States of Cuckmerica.

Before we dig into the meat of this issue, allow me to provide the following fool proof resolution for those who plan on arguing the merits of gun bans of all sorts.  The first principle that must be shown is the idea of Argument ad Hominem.  When ever some idiotic Cuckstian or some hcuckface3ateful non-progressive bigot wants to argue for the 2nd amendment, just tell him he is racist!  If he continues to argue, scream RACISS! so loud that others around will notice.  Say it again, with disdain in your voice and point at the fool.  Tell him only racists need guns.   Since racism is the worst sin imaginable in Cuckmerica simply accusing someone of it is usually enough to make them start spontaneously watching interracial gang-bang pornography and bleating about how many black friends they have.

Now that we have the tactical demonstration of arguments out of the way we can dig into the meat of the subject.  The repeal of reciprocity for concealed carry permits from other states is a genius way to force those traveling to fear arrest more than robbery.  In 2012 410 Americans were killed by Police (at least officially), while 942 robbery related murders were reported in the same year.  In essence we need police to start shooting twice as many citizens as they are currently.

Al Sharpton has it correctly, “it should be a crime to shoot black people, even in self defense.”  More over, it should be a crime to own a weapon, to shoot a weapon, and finally to defend yourself at all.  The ideal world is one in which the person being robbed attempts to fight back, is shot, robbed, and then sued in court, and forced to pay back his assailant for grievances.  That is the glorious future of Cuckmerica.