The Bible minus Cucks. Abram to Abraham. Cucked again. Cucking * 2.


Thanks to my astounding readership that numbers into the high teens I received a furious cascade of hate-mail and pingbacks from the previous cucktastrophe.  That’s blatantly false, one nasty-gram from a self described cuck, ping-back from Boxer, and a call out to someone called Derek Ramsey  Needless to say, it is well past time to go back to this well.  Luckily, or perhaps quire perspeciasouly, the next, not one, but two instances of cucking are literally just a few chapters away right in the same book.  For those of you who have found that I missed your most favorite story (read as: story you always hated for its blatantly cuck theme,) and I am looking directly at you Craig, email or put it in the comments.  If I haven’t got to it yet send it ahead of time, so I can add it to my collosal to-do list.

Secondarily, before I hop right into this, let us talk about recorded debates.  Derek Ramsey, from the reading on his blog, appears to be a well researched blogger who ruffles some feathers, bravo.  So this isn’t a callout, because I honestly can’t tell if he and I disagree or not, but more like a request to spar, Marquess of Queensberry Rules and all.  I have a 30 minute, moderated (I am going to recommend Boxer as the moderator) debate format ready to send to you to look over and provide feedback.  Topic is TBD.  Why the change up you ask?  Well, I can tell I am getting old when all the young kids ask me if I have seen the latest, X, video and I ask for a transcript. Clearly if I want to get this info out to the Yung’uns, ventures into multimedia with sound and shit need to happen.  Any of my readers with Audio/Video skills your help is requested.  Even the best recorded version of anything can benefit from editing and some kind of pictures or something in the background is better than a screen-saver algo.  I digress.

Back to the point.  Abram, the guy GOD literally based all of his future people off may be a not once, but twice a cuck.  And both times had serious consequences, not for him, but for the people who were wanting to get with his wife who he was only too eager to share.  The first time is in Genesis 12 verse 13 – 20  and the second time is in Genesis 20. For the expounding of this theory check out this link for the FIRST an SECOND cuckings.

You also have to take into account that Abraham’s wife also told him to impregnate their handmaid and then threw her and the kid into the wilderness.  This is a whole other can of worms and some people assert that Ishmael is where Islam comes from.  That is beyond the scope of this post however.  Once again though we see a guy taking orders from his wife and things turning to shit.  Where did this happen again, oh yah, every fucking where.

Bottom line is this, nothing good comes from cucking.  Sure Abraham got plenty of livestock and coin from his wife getting down with foreign kings, but maybe the reason it took her a divine miracle to have a child is because telegony, since this was the birth line of the messiah.  Either way, first book and we already see cucking, which is just manifested fear and perversity, leading to all manner of consequences.

19 thoughts on “The Bible minus Cucks. Abram to Abraham. Cucked again. Cucking * 2.

  1. Craig

    “Father Abraham, had many sons, had many sons had Father Abraham, and I am one of them, and so are you, and let’s all praise the lord, right arm, left arm,…” blah blah blah… or so the song goes. Sunday school back in the day, bro was some serious shit. 🙂
    And Merry Cucksmass!


      1. Craig

        It was marching song to get kids to move around before they’re supposed to sit the fuck down and listen intently to the Sunday school teacher talk some bible cuck stories, but couched in doing God’s Will/God’s swill type language. Monkey see, monkey do stuff.


  2. Craig

    Favorite bible cuck story; has to be Samson and Delilah. Superman falls in love with a hot lookin’ whore and predictably gets stabbed in the back. Moral of story; can’t turn a whore into housewife. And remember kids, it’s okay to be a cuck so long as it’s in Jesus name, amen. 😛


      1. Craig

        Another story in Judges I think is some dude’s daughter gets gang raped by Canaanites/Amalekites/Philistines er one of those tribes God outright hates. She dies the next day. Dude cuts her up into twelve pieces and sends each piece to the leader of each tribe of Israel. And they gang up and go kill them some heathens. It’s been awhile since I read that story. Just thought it a little more disturbing than Lot fucking his two daughters or Judah fucking is daughter in law. The death of Jezebel was pretty good; they grab her by the hair and throw her out the window and her skull cracks open on a terrace or the pavement, blood spurting everywhere, and the dogs outside eat her corpse while it is still warm.


  3. Craig

    Other ones; God cucks Cain, God cucks Essau, God cucks Joseph’s brothers, God cucks Moses and the people he fucking brought out of Egypt, God cucks Job by replacing instead of returning his family. God cucks Uriah to make an example out of David. God cucks Saul and Jonathan. God cucks Hosea by commanding him to marry a whore. Brainstorming some ideas there.


  4. Craig

    God cucks David’s son Absolam in making Solomon next in line for the throne. So Absolam runs David out of the castle and fucks all his concubines. Then I guess David figured out a way to have Absolam executed by one of his army lieutenants. That was interesting cuck story. David lives the rest of his life a sad, bitter, broken man.


  5. “…I honestly can’t tell if he and I disagree or not…”

    The jury is still out, but I probably disagree.

    “…a request to spar…”

    In principle I like the idea of a formal debate, but I’ve never had a formal debate. It’ll probably be a bloodbath, but you have to start somewhere, right? Between your readers and my readers, we are certain to have interest in the high teens. Ahem.

    Keep in mind that I’m a family man with a wife and five children (some quite involved). I don’t really have much free time and am somewhat unreliable, informal person.

    Depends on the topic too.


  6. Boxer

    I honestly can’t tell if he and I disagree or not, but more like a request to spar, Marquess of Queensberry Rules and all. I have a 30 minute, moderated (I am going to recommend Boxer as the moderator) debate format ready to send to you to look over and provide feedback.

    I’m down. Just let me know where and when. 🙂

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