Making friends with Moloch

Pacts with the devil? Faustian bargains?  Why not?  Deals with demons might sound like a new cheesy reality show but thanks to the tireless efforts of true believers we are getting closer than ever to mainstream acceptance.

Thiedgereviewofdooms review from EDGE magazine of the game Doom was a forerunner and its message is clear and refreshing. Why shoot Demons when we can “Make friends… and form alliances with them”  This is a great and profound question.  What is stopping us?  At this point, very little.  Thanks to words like “tin foil hat” and “conspiracy theorist”  any one so much as suggesting supernatural powers and influence is immediately labeled a nut.  Praise Moloch!

Hard work like this has lead to the ability to publicly erect statues to Baphoment in Detroit.  With enough time we will be able to bring about public viewings of child sacrifice (via the always useful Planned Parenthood).  These truly are wonderful times we live in.

If you are a CUCKSERVATIVE and you know it clap your hands!

The caveman esque “right” has been trying to co-opt the term “cuckservative” as an insult.  Little do their feeble minds understand that far from a pejorative, cuckservative is a badge of honor.

What better way to showcase your love for your country, and the melting pot that it represents than by following this line of thought to its ultimate conclusion.  Brave souls have sought to share their country, their state, their city, their home, and now, even their bed (read wives for you cis-gendered racists) with their global neighbors.

For those not in the know lets define the terms here.  The denotation of cuckold is someone, generally a man, whose spouse has sexual relations with others, generally without his knowledge.

The connotation is a pornographic term where the husband watches his wife with other men and gains sexual gratification from it.  Bonus points if the man he watches his wife with and he are of a different race.

Great, so now we know what and how awesome a cuckold is.  A conservative is not nearly as interesting.  Once again the denotation:  someone who tries to conserve social traditions. Generally this gets a boo!

The denotation is much more humorous however.  A conservative is someone who conserves the gains from the liberals 20 years ago.  Hilariously this is turning out to be the case.

As so called “conservatives” like Jeb  Bush (, and Nick Searcy ( are called cuckservatives, their ire is raised. Why though?  Clearly being a cuckservative (sharing your wife and consolidating the gains of liberals from 20 years ago) is a positive thing!  Moloch supports Cuckservatives.

NEWS FLASH!  We have a breaking story that just might involve a loving story of a would be cuckservative.

Until all the information comes out we will never know, but we can hope! (

Here is a picture of the victim and her shooter, and her fiance.


Don’t be sad CUCKS, be glad!

If you are a CUCKSERVATIVE and you know it clap your hands!

Lois Lerner: Goddess Extraordinaire

Lois Lerner: Goddess Extraordinaire

Lois Lerner, martyr of the fearless left, is being wrongfully harassed again, this time by the pathetic troll website Zerohedge.

It is clear to all that have followed her case that she did use the IRS to target conservatives.  But of course!

The report also highlighted emails written by Lerner calling conservatives “crazies” and “a–holes.”

Who wouldn’t use the IRS to target crazies and a-holes?   It is high time that the IRS started coming down more forcefully on all who will not bow before the altar of almighty government!

Don’t support Abortion? 90% tax rate!

Won’t give up your job for a minority? 100% tax rate!

Think that the bill of rights is meant for you? Jail time!

It is time the we took the shackles off of heroes like Lois Lerner, and let her exercise her true power over those disloyal to our Most Holy Government.


Guest Post: Abortion: Just Fun, or Good Clean Fun?

We all know how much fun abortion is, and it is even better when you include your friends. Our first guest post here:

From Guest Authoress Mrs. Silence Dogood:

“As a devout libertarian (who’s secretly plotting I take over the world and then leave everyone the hell alone) and a Christian, I have struggled with the Abortion debate. Unlike the above mentioned atrocities, which are obviously a gross breach of human rights and proper behavior, the early stage stuff between a lady and her doctor I just have never thought was the government’s business. My spouse is a devout conservative so naturally there was a fight there.

But as I was thinking (dangerous idea) I began to realize that we don’t have to argue this anymore. That legal precedent for this has already been established.

I proffer to everyone that if abortion is legal then we should rescind the laws on the books. Currently if I assault a pregnant lady and the baby dies, I’m charged with murder, if I kill her and the baby dies it is a double homicide. I submit that if you are in favor of allowing legal abortion ten you may no longer charge me with a crime of the unborn. So basically take your pic, you can’t have it both ways.

Oh, and I’m all in favor of letting this be the first and only one on history women only vote. That way they cannot blame men ever again for oppression and can only bitch at themselves. Thoughts?”

First off let’s thank Mrs. Dogood for her contribution. Now let’s get down to the caviar and Pâté.

My spouse is a devout conservative”

The only kind of conservatives we like on this blog are “Cuckservatives” (stay on the lookout for a future post!) so let’s all make certain we try to point Mrs. Dogood to a good divorce lawyer so she can ditch that mean old patriarchal hubby and find a good feminist man, looking for an equals’ relationship. Don’t forget about child support and alimony; bleed that bad man dry girlfriend!

“early stage stuff between a lady and her doctor I just have never thought was the government’s business.”

While we here are always sensitive the sacred needs of the goddess and her desire for privacy, we also want to be sure to support government intervention in all things! After all Big Brother knows best.

“I submit that if you are in favor of allowing legal abortion ten you may no longer charge me with a crime of the {murder of the}unborn.”

Getting warmer…

“I submit that if you are in favor of allowing legal abortion ten you may no longer charge me with a crime of the unborn.”

Right here is where Mrs. Dogood knocks it out of the park. We are going to tie this present up with two pretty bows.

  1. Unborn fetuses are not people so destroying one cannot be murder. It is however destruction of property so don’t do it unless your friends really wants you too M’kay?
  2. Women and only women should be allowed to vote. As a Cisgendered, colored lacking male, this truly is the best way to ditch my privilege and check myself.

Pop quiz, hot shot! Check out the guest post and let me know what you think?

Pop quiz, hot shot! Your company is donating money to Planned Parenthood, what do you do?

Like the vast majority of the population of this great country of ours, I welcome the chance to worship at the altar of Moloch.  However, unlike the unwashed masses I prefer my babies mashed, steamed with vodka and served along with a nice glass of Merlot, not on a pizza with a tepid Bud.  Unfortunately many who worship Moloch are fair cowards, afraid of ostracization, and too ashamed to admit to their higher calling.

At long last, a breath of relief, a sign of hope for we enlightened. A fellow Moloch sympathizer is willing to break the silence, to bravely come out the proverbial infanticide closet and revel in the righteous selling of useless biological waste coming from properly disposed of parasitical human refuse.

Rebecca Watson, a Moloch denier, insisted that Planned Parenthood did not sell baby body parts, because “You F*cking Idiots”.   Her words attest; she is astute and verbose as she is beautiful. Clearly this is an insult to Moloch worshippers everywhere. We know Planned Parenthood sells baby body parts, and we are thrilled about it. Her heresy lies below.

My question to my adoring readers on this the first post of this glorious blog, is as follows:

Pop quiz, hot shot! Your company is donating money to Planned Parenthood, what do you do?