Facts Be Rayciss. Police no more. A cucks wet nightmare.

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According to this article “The scarcest valuable in the entire world is female beauty (as measured by how much money and attention the scarce examples of this attracts)”.  This should be no surprise to any reader of this blog.  This fact also tracks with the first part of the Bible minus Cucks Series and also pretty much every thing you have ever seen in your life.  The Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil, but the basis for all the sin for humans was Satan getting him some human split tail.

Extrapolate this out over time and space and politics and it all still rings true.  You think that Raz Simone, (who is backed by islamists in Dubai) who was charged with child cruelty but released, given 82K from the city of Seattle and then had his guns given back to him is doing what he does because of his strict political leanings?  If you think that then fuck off and die because you are a blight on the gene pool.  You know why he does it, because all that stinky, unshaved Antifa pussy in the CHAZ is his at any time he wants it.  And it wont be by force.  You spend any time looking at his profile you know that any woman stupid enough to join antifa is dripping to pop out some mini-predators with this guy.

You who know women dry up for, weakling, faggot, cuck bags like this shit heel.  First off this guy works at Macys.

Macys man beet up
I’ll Suck you off if you stop hitting me.

Sure, we have all had some shit jobs but damn man, find your fucking cock and get a job making more than minimum wage folding shirts near a perfume counter.  But he does the job for access to the hot ladies, your spastic blue haired roommate says.  No, he does it because that manicure he paid for would get ruined doing manual labor and his women’s studies degree isn’t worth the used toilet paper in an interstate truck stop.

So this was theoretically a set up about a phone call and some “racial bad words”  WHO FUCKING CARES?  Even if this white mayonnaise and cheese sandwich did say N I G G G G G E R and got his ass beat because of it, fuck him.  Saying snide shit in a whisper on a phone call is a cowards way out.  You want to run your mouth back it up.  More than likely though the only thing that came out of this simps mouth was dick breath.

Bottom line is this country needs to get what it has asked for good and fucking hard.




9 thoughts on “Facts Be Rayciss. Police no more. A cucks wet nightmare.

  1. eyeinpyramid

    Evil Laughter. Of course, part of the plan is for the Aliens to fight the Predators. Meanwhile we will feast on Adrenochrome in our underground bunkers.


  2. Craig

    Thanks for the article, I’m combing through it right now. So far, I disagree with his prediction of self-driving electric cars being the norm, at least not in our lifetimes. But I get that city planners are scheming ways to force everyone who isn’t elite to take public transport.


  3. Craig

    “d) Avoid dealing with people who use the word ‘asshole’ with significant frequency, even if the people they describe are deserving of scorn. Such people tend to have poor character and counterproductive habits. Ironically, the same is not necessarily true of people who partake in moderate use of the word ‘fuck’. ”
    hahahahhahah! This cheeky motherfucker!!! 😛


  4. Craig

    “20% of babies more in the US are interracial, and that number is rising quickly. Over 30% of second-generation Hispanic and Asian Americans intermarry (mostly with whites). Over 20% of babies born are now mixed-race (not counting the fact that most Hispanics are already mixed-race). ” can thank the US military and surrounding areas around their bases that. Ditto for major colleges and their suburbs.


  5. Craig

    “The scarcest valuable in the entire world is female beauty (as measured by how much money and attention the scarce examples of this attracts).”
    No joke man, I don’t remember if I said this before, but back when I was a kid in middle and high school, there were no more than 3 hot chicks in any given class. The rest were all plain janes and fuck uggos. Every guy in class knew we were all competing against each other for the same 3 hot chicks. Zero sum hell every day.


  6. Craig

    “v) The fact that almost all transgender people are male to female rather than the other way around is another indicator of which gender is treated far better by society, and which direction the government mandated wealth transfers flow in. They are merely responding to incentives. ”

    This demographic is much much larger than one would think it is. There are no legit females in Hollywood. As far as I know, there never were since its beginning. Ditto the popular music industry. Seriously, if the choice is to be a blood ritual sacrifice or be trans, it’s easy to see most choose to be trans even to the point of transitioning their kids from birth.


  7. Craig

    Going downtown for supplies during rush hour at night time seeing all the oncoming traffic passing by while listening to this is an interesting experience;



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