The Bible in chunks. The Bible minus cucks. The first sin is cucking.


This is going to be a long running series, going back through stories in the Bible and un-cucking the comon understanding of them, showing in vivid detail how deranged and disgusting cuckstains are and how dangerous the can be in a position of leadership.

We have recently been sent some emails asking why the site doesn’t care for Cucks.  In addition people in meatspace are complaining that the word cuck is meaningless now and is used for far too much.  To help the site now has a brand new feature, definition of cuck. Cuck Defined.

Cuck has never been more relevant, cowardice has never been more rampant and calling out those cowardly cucks, in the political, social, and religious realms has never been more important.

Most of you have probably heard of the Christian creation theory.  If you haven’t go read it here.

Why does this matter, and how is it related to Cucks?  Regardless of where this is going to go, this story is all about the first sin.  God said don’t do thing X.  Eve does thing X.  Adam sees that she did X and decides to X as well.  No matter what X is Adam had a chance to walk away but he didn’t.  There is two different ways to look at this.

  1. Adam sacrificed himself knowing that he was going to die to “save” Eve (thereby daming all humanity)
  2. Adam lacked the courage to walkway and let her experience the consequences.

Now I have heard any number of cucks screech that Adam is a first Christ and his sacrifice should be lauded.  This crock of shit needs to be crushed right quick.  First off Jesus was saving humanity by his sacrifice, not damning it.  Secondly, he was following the will of his father not of some bint.  Third and finally Jesus dying was an act of sacrifice not a sin.

Send  in your disagreements on this if you have them. If not, get ready for something crazy you may have never heard before. There is a theory out there that “the fruit” Eve ate was really sex (with the snake, or Satan) and that Cain is really Satan’s.  This is the most complete version I have read.  If you find better send it my way.  The other side is posited here.

Satan is such an Alpha!

Aside from opening up some real mind fuck options,  I don’t have a dog in this fight.  If Satan fucked eve or if she didn’t Adam is still a cuck and the curse on humanity is the result.  Keep this in your mind anytime a woman asks you to do anything.  Ask yourself this, is what she wants right or not?  If there is even a question, buck up, be a man and say no.