Cuckstianity. Mary the single mother. Most Holy Chalice. Part 2.


In Part 1 we went over the first five Cuckmandments.  Today we will finish the list and bask in the glory that is Cuckstianity.

The end goal is to transform all “Christians” into Cuckstians. The marks of Cuckstianity are as follows, now finalized as the 10 Cuck Commandments:

  1. Everything a women says is a commandment from god.  The holy spirit is nothing more than a woman’s desire, ever changing,  contradictory, yet always perfect.  As a fun addendum to this, blaspheming the holy spirit is the one unforgivable sin in Cuckstianity.  Let’s get them all doing it. Moloch hungers.
  2. Racism is the second worst sin a Cuckstian can commit. Being a racist is worse than anything else, perhaps even hell. (if cucks even believe in such a thing.)It is the duty of all good cucks to wife up and support all single mothers, preferably with bastards in tow. Not only is this part of the suicidal altruism of cucks but it simulates Joseph and Mary, Only with Joseph as the cuck and Mary as the whorish single mother, yet again blaspheming the holy spirit. Glorious.
  3.  They swear that the parable of the good Samaritan includes aid to anyone at any cost to self.This of course includes allowing others (refugees are wonderful at this) to rape your wife and daughters, more specifically doing nothing about it, even celebrating it.
  4. Defending yourself (if white or cuckstian) is racist, and homophobic, and misogynistic.
  5. Women who divorce their husbands are heroes and deserved to be remunerated even after remarrying another man.
  6. Saying anything any women doesn’t like, or retroactively doesn’t like is wrong.  It is punishable by castration and then death.
  7. Sexaully pleaseing a woman is the responsibility of the select few men women coronate with the honor.  All other men should be happy to be informed of the details or not.
  8. If your presence makes a woman feel unsafe, or if she dubs you creepy, or gross, the punishment is immediate castration followed by slavery or death.
  9. Only pre-approved men may have sexual feelings about women.  If you are unsure about your approval you do not have it.
  10. Men who are unapproved for beta-recovery relationships with women are not allowed to go their own way.  Instead they must continue to work and transfer excess or all wealth to authorized female distribution centers.

Today, is Cuck-Friday.  The day that cucks trudge behind their better halves who will spend all of their money on useless consumer bullshit.

Cucks, you keep saying God this and Jesus that.  I don’t think it means what you think it means.







The tide is about to turn. The pendulum must swing back. Thanks are in order. Part 2.


Imagine a world in which white actors heckled gracious lord Obama whilst he entertained himself with his extremely passable tranny wife.  The world would have exploded in a fiesta of media fueled orgasm, fellating themselves on the velvetine racism.  When this exact scenario happens to vice president Pence, the media is only fellated by the cucks.

Gentle cuck Ben Shapiro breaks from his protective shell and admits just how much he wants to destroy christianity.   Don’t worry my dearest, most precious (((Ben))), Cuckstianity will neve stop blessing you, even if it cost them their children, their lives, their very souls!

As promised I have three more avatars to deliver.  Rewards for loyalty.  AS VD says, help your peers, gift your peers, uplift your peers.  Those who attempt to ride the coattails of the famous are lazy status whores, and deserve nothing but contempt.

ArticStormer:  Your frustration, your pain, your anger are all part and parcel of taking the red pill.  We have all been there.  Where others would say you should grow out of that rage, I say harness it and ride it to victory.   Best Post:

“When I think of the political “pendulum” swinging back, I can’t help but think of the swinging blade torture device pendulum. Because, at some point, I see the pendulum bringing blood, lots of blood.”

You are getting there.  It is going to be glorious.  There are many many articles about how to prepare, but if you have specific questions email me. Bottom line, find a weapon you are comfortable with, train with it often.  Obtain ammunition and multiple magazines.  Bravo.  For your reward please see this custom avatar built for you.  For a specific file type email me.


BooKooBall:  You don’t say much but when you do your words are filled with merit.  You already have a stylized icon, but I made one based on your name.  Best Post:

“Don’t worry, Eye in Pyramid, passover is just around the corner.”

You dare to satirize the most holy Judeamon-Cuckstian Alliance.  Bravo.  For your reward please see this custom avatar built for you.  For a specific file type email me.


Thanks again gentlemen.  Keep up the good work.  More to come.


The tide is about to turn. The pendulum must swing back. Thanks are in order. Part 1.


Over the two glorious years since the birth of this blog there have been few who were brave enough to view it.  Even fewer still who had the intestinal fortitude to post.  The humble success of this blog (and rest assured it is quite humble) is due only to those who visit it, who comment here and inspire towards even greater depths of insanity.

This Turkey day, when people all over Cuckmerica give thanks to Aergia, the goddess of obesity and sloth, you, my dear readers, will be the recipients of my gratitude. When they clamour like zombies into a diseases infested greed and envy depository location, when they shout at their 89″ flatscreen altars to their favorite FAN totem,  when they fall into an insulin induced coma, we will be just that much sharper.

It is in this vein that I salute you.  As you may have noticed there is a small sliver of hope for this country to be rescued from the jaws of Moloch’s damnation.  With the positive feedback received from the one non-satire related post, expect more of that.  Expect truckloads of vitriol aimed squarely at the slack jaw of cucks. That, my friends, is your power.  The power of support.  So without further adieu and no more bloviating enjoy:

Eye in Pyramid: You have been my staunchest supporter.  Here from the very beginning and always around with an on point comment.  You truly get it.  Best post:

“What is more sexy than a man in uniform? Two men in uniforms making out with each other. Our Military is so watered down and culturally diverse, that practically any nation with a leader with two functioning testicles could defeat us. Perfect! That’s exactly what we want. Turn the greatest fighting force that ever existed into just another racially diverse place of employment. In fact our military doesn’t need strong men ready to kill and fight. What we really need our people who are heads of offices and have titles like Director of Ethnic Diversity Coordination! Such a beautiful title it makes seek-seek demons cry.”

This post contains your lunatic hilarity along with some points of worth you sneakily tucked inside.  Bravo.  For your reward please see this custom avatar built for you.  For a specific file type email me.eyeinpyramid

Craig:  I feel your hate and it strengthens me.  Your anger, your loathing, your staunch disgust at those perverts in power.  You are my brother from another mother (may justice find her)  Best Post:

“I actually see the deplorables sacrificing all the cucks and Hillary and everyone connected to her via business and politics to lord Moloch in much the same way the Aztec’s of old sacrificed their enemies to Quetzalcoatl (lord Moloch under another name)”

This post shows your zeal for righteous justice and the desire to turn the cucks own blood thirsty perversions back onto them. Bravo.  For your reward please see this custom avatar built for you.  For a specific file type email me.


OleGrandPaSaid: You stare into the abyss and laugh at it right along with me.  There is nothing to fear when the enemy is evil, except for running out of ammo.  We when go down it will be surrounded by a pile of corpses and smiles on our face. Best Post:

I about damn died from a busted gut reading about that “we need our weave” part. Lmao. Then the proper answer, Moar. Praise him, lord Moloch for his will I’d being excised like wisdom teeth upon the unsuspecting cuck. Indeed even the cuck knows not that the time of the rapture begins with the words “your EBT card has been declined”. Btw, coincidence that the two things that matter most to exalted ones are EBT and BET? I think not, as only Moloch could be so sublime. Alas, it is only the restraint of daylight and the cardswipe that the jungle heathen eyes his query and waits. Soon he’ll have his prize, and Moloch will be exalted. It could only be sweeter if the hated ones (WASPs) would jump in a lake of fire after the requisite period or self hatred, but wait….just wait.

This post shows your desire to laugh into the teeth of the monster, and beg it to attack. Bravo.  For your reward please see this custom avatar built for you.  For a specific file type email me.


Understand, I have a few more commenters who I haven’t had chance to get to.  There is a part two and there might be a part three.  Stay alert, Stay alive.

Worship of Idols. Graven images of Beasts. Moloch accepts your bleetings.

Cuckball Season

Pay no attention to your impending fate cucks.  Lear at the brightly colored box we told you to spend your pathetic pay on.  Drink your lightly flavored beer and throw your half eaten bag of greasy thin potato crisps at the screen in a rictus of rage.  Lusciously lavish your hot and spicy chicken wings with the love you never gave towards your family or your own fitness.  You are ever more the man the harder you FAN.

Gather at your local parishes, your cathedrals, your halls of worship.  Bdrunkatbw3uffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, Generic Sports Bar (C). That’s right cuck, that waitress is into you. Give her a big tip and maybe she will smile at you the way your wife never will.  Wipe your greasy fingers upon your napkin covered rotundity, drink your beer and yell harder, it helps your team!

Wear your jersey with pride.  That mans name on the back is your idol and you pay him the homage he is due.  With well hidden lust you imagine meeting him, your wife in tow.   You holding his jersey with signature, drooling with pride, while your wife, the willing sacrifice is taken to be pleasured.  Hopefully she will tell you about it later while you hold the jersey and dream.  Wetly.

Manage your fantasy team with pride!  Only your brilliant direction can take the idea of staring at tightly clothed men and counting how many inches they ran on average and fatfantasyfootballmake it into a badge of honor.  Listen to the genius analysts in finest suits talk for hours about who can run .3 seconds faster.  Dream of the new shoes your hero will wear as they run across a meticulously maintained grass field.  No one can count the yards a swine skin bladder moves better than you.

Watch as men years younger than you pretend to be students and you pretend to be a man.  Cheer them on as they mock you and everything you stand for.  Send money to the school so that your daughter can pleasure them, perhaps she will tell you about it later.  Maybe one day you will experience the nirvana that is the wonderful pride a grand parent feels when their daughters becomes brood sow to a student-athlete.

If the cucks who scream at games knew they were giving their worshipful prayers would they still continue?  They would cuck all the harder.