Army of One. Xena Ranger Princess. #endheteromeninthemilitary. Part 1


Stand to attention cucks.  Hats off, place them over your heart and sing along.  “Proud to be a Cuckmerican.”  The anthem fills the stadium and thunder of a thousand cuck hearts echo with pride.  This is victory.  The illumed have taken a once dangerous opponent and forced it to self neuter.  Lacking testicular fortitude, it may now be mocked, chided, derided, and ignored without fear of reprisal.  What is more, it is now an enforcement arm of our Provert and Pederasty initiative.

Where once there was one standard for entrance into each of the four armed forces of the united states of CUCK there are now two each.  Female soldiers are paid the same as males, earn the same retirement benefits, have the same rank structure, yet are required to do less and have more special privileges allotted to them as the standard.  In any other way, race, creed, religion, this would be viewed as a heretical heresy, the horrid word of discrimination would appear, but not here, here it is lauded as the glory that it is.  Praise Moloch!  The next step is to introduce a third standard for those that identify as Trans, and then eventually another for those that identify as Furry or other kin.

How was this drastic shift possible?  The best way to demoralize a nations armed forces ( The future 10 Military Cuckmandments) are as follows:

  • Have a series of decades long unwinnable conflicts with no stated benchmarks for victory with varying degrees of legitimacy
  • An oppressive systems of contradictory Rules of Engagement where there is as much fear of prosecution by one’s own nation as death at the hands of the enemy
  • Delegitimize rites of passage for elite groups
  • Encourage lawsuits and legalese amongst the soldiers
  • Destroy esprit de corps through hours of mandatory demoralizing propaganda
  • Encourage soldiers to not resist but cooperate when being taken hostage*

More will follow in Part 2.  What the net result must be is a country of limp wristed men who will swear that “Women rangers are more deadly than normal rangers and more beautiful than normal women.”  What will become is a beautiful transgendered woman in a Dress Uniform Skirt and high heels, stamping her foot saying, “I want to go to Ranger School!”  Glory to Moloch!

It takes a real Warrior to walk in heels.

*This is a glorious victory for Moloch as the professional DOD training course for Anti-Terrorism Level 1 advises captured soldiers to delicately lick the scrotums of their captors.




Two men can produce a child. Two wombs can make a right. Brave new world.

In the hateful mind of the cis-gendered racist hetero-normal white male, the only way to make a child is through rape.   Nature, for some reason, insistent on reproduction through constituent male and female DNA combination is far behind our glorious progressive goals. Through diligent tax payer funded research there have been massive breakthroughs in this realm.  The future of child bearing lies not in the violent sexual abuse that constitutes P in V (the very thought is disgusting, no?) but genetically and scientifically aided homosexual reproduction.

We wish we were anal babies!

In the future there will no longer be a “nuclear family”.  Instead there will be teams of homosexual fathers, communities of lesbian mothers, transgendered couples of all varieties.  Currently homosexual men are forced to go through the degrading and disgusting process of either having a child with a woman prior to their true male/male partnership, or using artificial insemination with a surrogate.  Science is hastily making strides to produce the first anal-uterine analog, allowing a gay couple to have sex the natural way.  Imagine the joy all over the faces of the first gay couple to produce a natural anal birth child!

Shouldn’t all families look like this?

Lesbians are much further along in this realm.  Artificial insemination has long been a reality, however the thought of a beautiful and wonderful lesbian couple being forced to have disgusting male biological matter to make a child is both sickening and perverted!  Thank Ishtar that science is finally getting around to the needs of humanity.  New techniques allow for fertilization of the part of the couple that wants to carry with no sperm needed.  Other options allow for sperm to be made from female DNA.  Advances are being made daily and each new piece of hate speech controlling legislation and each court decision away from hetero-normative behavior helps. Either way, the lesbian couple will finally be able to have child the way nature intended it, without men!

Doesn’t she deserve a baby?

Last, but certainly not least for those adapting to their true sex (not the one foisted upon them by a vicious patriarchal society) new options are coming to life.  For Male to Female transgender hopefuls there is of course the now standard sexual reassignment surgery.  However, every boy who knows deep inside that he is a girl deserves the chance to be a woman.  He deserves the chance to have a child gestate in his body, that natural way.  Look to breakthrough uterine transplant technology to fix the problems that were still in the realm of miracles until recently.

Thanks to science, the need for useless religions is quickly coming to an end.  With life changing and affirming miracles there is no end in sight to what can be accomplished.