Corporations are legal entities. They are alive. They hunger.


Are corporations people?  Unless you are a flaming cuck-bot you answered yes.  You answered yes because it is the truth.  We the feckless, sportsball obsessed, consumer whore johns, have watched as hundreds of years have passed granting entities the rights of humans and done nothing to stop it.  Judges, ruling from the bench, have solipsistically granted life to faceless sets of books, charts of numbers, procedural documents and codes of conduct. These frankenstein’s monster’s take in human life and vomit up pain, and heartache, and suffering.  They produce beige committee produced non-offensive rubber protected plastic feces, guaranteed to do nothing but dull your mind into a stupor. Hail these corporations, they are our lords.  We kneel to Duchess Starbucks, and delicately fondle the testicles of Lord Apple as we fellate his protrusion, our money, our time, the lubrication, our posteriors raised in the air, expectantly awaiting.


The more libertarian among you might scream in objection, “Corporations are run by a board of directors and the public who own the stock.”  If you honestly believe that you must also think that police are only out to serve and protect you, that most politicians live to serve the people and that our government never injected hundreds of people with syphilis just for fun.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  Power is never, ever, vacated for long, someone or something will fill the position.

So who sits atop the mountain of rules and regulations, the tower of file cabinets, the empire of cubicles?   Cuckstians will swear that the bible is what they believe in and that Christ was born of a virgin (unless they are true cuckstians and view Joseph as the pen-ultimate CUCK), and then turn around and deny that evil and malevolent entities exist.  Cuck-bags are wrong again.  Your own book says demons are real at least 7 times.  Their is absolute beauty in watching weak chinned cuckstians do mental somersaults to try to deny the existence of malevolent extra human beings.


The plain fact of the matter is that demons, devils, god, demigods, etc, are all real, just like gravity.  We can’t explain them, we can’t account for their actions, and we sure as hell cant stop them, but denying their existence is as stupid as denying the existence of gravity.  These corporations are real, they are alive, and they do hunger.

Where does this end?  Hopefully with the corporations claiming first amendment rights finally creating mercenary armies, flying their flags on the shoulders of their soldiers,  and pushing hostile takeovers into the land of blood soaked reality.


28 thoughts on “Corporations are legal entities. They are alive. They hunger.

  1. OMG where can I buy those patches! They are gonna be so tight-looking on my overpriced leather jacket from Forever 21!!! Thank moloch for George Soros so I can afford some extra clothes. I don’t know what I’d do without him.


      1. Craig

        Yeah that dude reminds me of the man who flashed an angry mob of feminists in Brazil, the look on his face is priceless.


  2. Craig

    “…flying their flags on the shoulders of their soldiers,  and pushing hostile takeovers into the land of blood soaked reality.”
    one more;

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      1. Women and Land. Money is just a way to get at the former. Women and land, both to be owned and plowed. Both to bear fruit. That is how to motivate men.


  3. Craig

    Another interesting factiod I discovered in my internet travels; The elites in their occult good ol boys club requires all members and especially all new ones to sacrifice their first born to lord Moloch or whomever their favored deity of the moment is. That part isn’t news to me or anyone else here, but what is is the legal loophole many of them use to keep their child among the living by making them transsexual, thereby killing off what the child would have been naturally and making it into something else. EIP probably can back me up on this in regards to something to do with opening more demonic portals. Case in point, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s biologically first born daughter Shiloh is female to male trans. There are many others, but that one is the most recent I know of.


    1. Craig

      Update on the Trans conspiracy; go to youtube and type in “transvestigations” click on whatever catches your eye. Literally just about everyone in Hollywood and the entertainment industry is male to female trans or female to male trans. Just about all the females you see in magazines and tabloids and celebrity gossip is trans.


      1. Craig

        also Golden Globes Awards trannies:

        the best youtube channels for this stuff is transvestigations by hans, rebooting Christianity, and MrE


      2. Craig

        The occult ritual stuff is generally on point in these transvestigation vids, but the Cuckstian gibberish about the end of the world and the second coming of Jebus Cuck I generally take with a grain of salt. There is all this talk of “mark of the beast” as if this is some new concept. It’s the mark of “a beast of burden” as in a slave. In days of old, it used to be common knowledge that the noticeable difference between a free man and slave was that the free man was unblemished/no tattoos or piercings. Funny how today tattoos and piercings are in vogue and more women than men get them. Proof women like and prefer to be owned.


  4. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to 2I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee, I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please respond via email.



  5. Craig

    This is like the little girl in front of the bull all over again, same message to those who know the score:


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