Cuckstianity. Mary the single mother. Most Holy Chalice. Part 2.


In Part 1 we went over the first five Cuckmandments.  Today we will finish the list and bask in the glory that is Cuckstianity.

The end goal is to transform all “Christians” into Cuckstians. The marks of Cuckstianity are as follows, now finalized as the 10 Cuck Commandments:

  1. Everything a women says is a commandment from god.  The holy spirit is nothing more than a woman’s desire, ever changing,  contradictory, yet always perfect.  As a fun addendum to this, blaspheming the holy spirit is the one unforgivable sin in Cuckstianity.  Let’s get them all doing it. Moloch hungers.
  2. Racism is the second worst sin a Cuckstian can commit. Being a racist is worse than anything else, perhaps even hell. (if cucks even believe in such a thing.)It is the duty of all good cucks to wife up and support all single mothers, preferably with bastards in tow. Not only is this part of the suicidal altruism of cucks but it simulates Joseph and Mary, Only with Joseph as the cuck and Mary as the whorish single mother, yet again blaspheming the holy spirit. Glorious.
  3.  They swear that the parable of the good Samaritan includes aid to anyone at any cost to self.This of course includes allowing others (refugees are wonderful at this) to rape your wife and daughters, more specifically doing nothing about it, even celebrating it.
  4. Defending yourself (if white or cuckstian) is racist, and homophobic, and misogynistic.
  5. Women who divorce their husbands are heroes and deserved to be remunerated even after remarrying another man.
  6. Saying anything any women doesn’t like, or retroactively doesn’t like is wrong.  It is punishable by castration and then death.
  7. Sexaully pleaseing a woman is the responsibility of the select few men women coronate with the honor.  All other men should be happy to be informed of the details or not.
  8. If your presence makes a woman feel unsafe, or if she dubs you creepy, or gross, the punishment is immediate castration followed by slavery or death.
  9. Only pre-approved men may have sexual feelings about women.  If you are unsure about your approval you do not have it.
  10. Men who are unapproved for beta-recovery relationships with women are not allowed to go their own way.  Instead they must continue to work and transfer excess or all wealth to authorized female distribution centers.

Today, is Cuck-Friday.  The day that cucks trudge behind their better halves who will spend all of their money on useless consumer bullshit.

Cucks, you keep saying God this and Jesus that.  I don’t think it means what you think it means.







10 thoughts on “Cuckstianity. Mary the single mother. Most Holy Chalice. Part 2.

  1. Eye in Pyramid

    I have to heartily agree with spk(x) on this one. Such an excellent and self-explanatory post I think it speaks for itself. Follow these commandments for a long and healthy life. Ha ha.

    Happy Cuckolidays!


  2. Comtes

    Cuck Friday is the most sacred of days in our national-consumer whorehouse. Amidst the tower cardboard frescoes portraying our modern Hollywood saints smiling amidst the blessed iPhones and pressure cookers, each of the worshipers is free to bend the knee at the sacred modern altar known as the cash register.

    No cash back, please. Hallelujah.


  3. Craig

    But to properly celebrate a Cuckoliday like today h/t Eye in Pyramid, we need something way less metal, and more cuck, so there is this:



  4. Craig

    Joseph wants to believe he was cucked by God. What really happened is Trayvon Martin hopped in a time machine and rode the skittles rainbow to Joseph and Mary’s time to put the typical No Limit Nigga shuck and jive on Mary, thus Black Jesus was born and Trayvon Martin died for our sins. No shit, really this happened. Stop laughing. I’m pretty sure Reverends Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Wright all preach this too.


  5. Pingback: Pine trees will burn. Zombie consumers will starve. Merry Cuckmas. – entropy is my god

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