Guest Post from Silence Dogood. Legendary.

kanyeandjohn legend

Dearest Readers, here is a guest post from one Mrs. Silence Dogood.

And now this. As most of you know, lord Moloch hath proclaimed the anointed half-breed raised out of white guilt and self-hatred of the wrong ones, Colin Kaepernick, has recently seen fit to stay seated during the Anthem of America. Indeed, Moloch sees it as good, as the last thing the wretched tools of the lord need is to have pride in a country that provided them so much. But do not think, low followers, that you have not something to give for the cause. Do not think that you need be successful, well liked, athletic, or attractive to help our cause. Do not think that you have not the words, nor the intellect, nor logic, nor even a good argument to bear. Moloch doesn’t need these, nor want them; he only asks your undying allegiance to him and his adoration. Want proof?

Take the recent article  in fox news where Failure Singer John Legend calls the national anthem “weak.” He is right, for the strength it takes to fight while “bombs bursting in air” is nothing compared to the strength it takes to sit down for 1:44 after coming from a brisk 68 degree locker room after loosening up with swedish massage. That takes guts. But Back to our beloved Social Justice Warrior; this Franklin the Turtle look alike, with chia-pet hair carefully held in place with copies amounts of petroleum product meant for gay anal poundage is right in every sense of the word. He even found lyrics that don’t exist in the song which back our cause. When confronted with a ridiculously logical argument, that Colin’s argument was never about the lyrics in the first place, he replies in true rhetoric fashion, that it “wasn’t about the lyrics, it was about the value of lives of people of color in america.” BOOM! Take that, bitch! Use of the word “of” three times in one sentence and reinforcing the idea that only the lives of some count to lord Moloch. Praise him! and death to the witch, who believed she was good for anything other than sexual animalistic gratification and reproduction for the “vibrant youths,” which her cuckold hubby doth “accepted” as neighbors.

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