A day for cucks. Time to burn. Entropy is my god.


Father’s Day.  A day when scorn and indignation are heaped upon all men from all angles.  Instead of BBQ’s, golf clubs, and ties, we are gifted scorn, contempt, and condescension.  Pastors say: “Man up and marry those single moms who wouldn’t give you the time of day in their 20’s” (Marc Driscoll).  Baby Boomers screech “Go to college and get an education and then work your ass off at your job”.  A job that treats you as a fungible asset and will lay you off as soon as their quarterly earnings reports are due.  They forget to tell you about the fun of student loan debt that is non dispersible through bankruptcy (Student loan debt non-dischargeable).  “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” they chide, a country that hates straight white men and wants desperately to see them destroyed.  Be proud of your culture, a culture that gives no respect to men.  Find a good woman, get married and have kids with used up sluts that love initiating divorce (70%) as a pathway to EPL nirvana.  Previous partners  (even 1) are likely to signal divorce, and a horrible sex life (N>0 is a no go).  This is a net, a web,  a veritable matrix, created for just one purpose, to enslave the minds of men.

Allow me to untangle this filthy web of shit, line by fecal line.  Preface, if you marry a single mother out of love and understand the risks and obligations you are taking on, and consider it a service unto God (Jehovah) carry on soldier.  But for everyone else, when rectal breath Marc Driscoll unloads this crap-sandwich “After all, Jesus’ mother was a single mom until Joseph married her and adopted Jesus.” it induces nonstop dry heaving followed by internal hemorrhaging (Marc Driscoll).  So Joseph was cuckolded by the holy ghost? You should watch yourself there “pastor”.  Matthew 12:31 says, “Wherefore I say unto you, all manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.”  By calling the incarnation of the one true lord and savior an act of cuckolding you may have just achieved the one unforgivable sin.   The bottom line is this, quit telling us who we are obligated to marry.  We just got told for our entire lives what a sacrifice and obligation marriage is, that our wives don’t have to have sex with us if the mood isn’t perfect, don’t have to do what we say but we sure as hellfire have to sacrifice literally everything for them, so don’t you self-righteous prigs dare to tell us who the hell to marry.  I don’t have to be a slave, but if i choose to be one, I will pick my own master.

Why work hard?  Why go to school? So I work my tail off going to college, working third shift so I don’t go into debt to get some stupid piece of paper that says I can follow the rules?  And then once I get a job at some company that would happily trade me for a H1-B visa from India at half the price?  And now I have debt that will literally follow me right down into hell, or jail, whichever comes first.  Thanks to the sax playing favorite President of the Baby Boomers there is no escape from college loans, ever.  And unlike drugs no one ever said to be careful, instead our parents whored out our future for us to rot our brains in communist indoctrination camps in return for our eternal indentured servitude.  Sucks to your Ass-mar. We don’t need your “Schooling” and we don’t need your “hard work” or your damn status whoring “piece of paper” you call a degree.  Fuck off and die.

Now that we have our DEGREE (or you could call it confirmation of worship at the altar of state education) we can start courting the available dating pool.  A selection of lazy land whales, saddled with all the college debt we just might have been smart enough to avoid.  Girls who had gangbangs in college, but “aren’t like that anymore” and saved their limp starfish sex just for us.  They think they are princesses.  Guess what princess, fuck you!  No really.  I mean it, fuck you, and your cuck entitlement teaching beta father and all the bitch boy beta orbiters who taught you to say “I deserve” like a damn religious mantra.  You are useless disgruntled cunt at your worst, and your best is still a shit sandwhich. When you greedy stuck up bitches can look at a mother of 4 living in a suburban house and feel for her like you do a chemo victim (Princess Experience), well “fuck you forever until you rot in hell” just isn’t strong enough.

So maybe just maybe after I take on a host of debt I don’t want to live in some stupidly large McMansion for princess just so eight years later she can take the house, the car, and the kids from me?  That I can be on the hook for whatever the hell amount of money some shit bag judge says I should pay? That’s why I should man up?  To have supervised visits with my children once a month?  Fuck you very much.

So now you can look at us and call names, racist, misogynist, homophobic, limp dick basement dwelling Xbox addicted, virgin faggots.  We are the untermensch, the men you expect to hold up your hair as you vomit up the remnants of last night’s partying while you were getting gangbanged by the lacrosse team.  You expect us to marry you after you drank gallons of cum from the football squad.  You want us to buy you a house and a car and give up our friends after you video yourself-doing a threesome with your bestie and a basketball player.  You’ll scream “you just hate women” and we laugh as the shaming garbage chute you call your mouth fails to hurt us.  After watching our own mother shit down the throat of the family she decapitated we start to replace the word Princess with Bitch.  Whore. Fucking Slut. Cunt.  You can’t squeeze any more blood from this turnip.  Man up?  We did when we told you to fuck off and die.

So here we are as a generation, held aloft by our collars, not caring in the least.  Degraded, derided, called racist, misogynist, homophobic, lazy, useless, the psychological punches to the face still hurt but they no longer inspire fear.  So here you stand culture, and with all of your strength what can you do to us?  You have nothing, nothing to threaten us with.  You have taken away the chance for a family, the chance for a loving wife, the chance for a career, the chance for a country.  Your movies, TV, commercials, and propaganda no longer inspire shame.  They inspire apathy, no, they inspire hate.  This country, this culture, is more cancer than it is body.  There is no cure and it must die.  We don’t just want to watch your world burn, we want to start the fire.

Batman you cuck chode.  Dent fucked your girl friend.  I fucked your city.

20 thoughts on “A day for cucks. Time to burn. Entropy is my god.

    1. Pleasure to see you here. Keep up the good work at Dalrock’s.

      It tells you everything you need to know when a self avowed atheist knows more about “christian marriage” than pastors.


  1. Craig

    “Replace the word Princess with Bitch” Actually, Cunt has more shiv power than Bitch. But whatever works, bro. Praise be to Lord Moloch!


  2. Craig

    Bro, you’re a little bit late for Father’s/Cucks Day, but Labor Day is Monday. Might as well be one in the same at this point in time, though. As fucked up as things are, it just doesn’t matter anymore even if it did back then whenever that was.


  3. Eye in pyramid

    I may have missed the memo here but isn’t it everyone’s fantasy to hold your girlfriend’s mouth open as your obligatory black friend rams his jet meat missle down her gullet? Then later on your goblin neighbors are playing Ranchero music at 2 in the morning and you congratulate them for being ethnically diverse and also for beating your daugter and giving you a goblin hybrid grandchild. And you know u love it when your bbc loving wife who divorced you asks the judge to increase the child support so her new beau can get dem bangin rims knaw mean. This article fills me with Cuckmerican Pride and makes me sing: I’m proud to be a Cuckmerican!


  4. Where to begin….this post was so epic and full of one-liners, that I’ll probably be tragically laughing for days.

    As for the confirmation of worship at the altar of state education, refer to a post I wrote on my blog about Should “we the people” participate in socially funded govt racketeering? Or “Too Good for that,” either applies.

    The rest is a spot on play-by-play analysis. I spit up my coffee upon reading lazy land whales, lazy starfish sex, and the football team’s gallons of cum. Hilarity Ensues.

    Probably the most poignant and apropos sentence that defined the whole post and was as succinct a response to Driscoll as he deserved was “I don’t have to be a slave, but if i choose to be one, I will pick my own master.”



  5. Jack's Jaundiced Liver

    Descriptive writing. I like. You must have some thorough experience with cuckstian churches to have the kind of boiling anger I sense toward these women and the system which empowers them.

    Modern churches and christianity as a whole is probably the single largest determining factor in a man’s cuckishness. I would also add that modern liberalism/progressivism in regards to their treatment of women is a logical evolution of puritanical ethic. Completely disavowing any beast nature existing in our perfect princesses.


  6. Genetic dead end

    Excellent writing. I’ve probably read this a dozen times now. I’m sending this to all my friends, who unfortunately fell to the despair of loneliness and wifed up single moms. I haven’t yet, and hope I can stay stay strong. If I’m going to be a genetic dead end, I at least won’t have anymore of my resources go to the propagation of slut genes. Half of our pay checks all ready are taken from us to support this twisted system.


      1. Arcticstormer

        I read every new post, and still comment, I just changed my name from genetic dead end to arcticstormer, it’s less defeatist and more warrioristic.


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