Virginia blocks for Moloch. Self Defense is Racist! Ban all guns for whites.


Virginia, in an amazingly prescent move, has revoked reciprocity on concealed carry permits from 25 other states.  This is merely the start of the quest of the illumed to remove the access to weapons, and ultimately of any sort of self defense at all to the insolent peasants of the United States of Cuckmerica.

Before we dig into the meat of this issue, allow me to provide the following fool proof resolution for those who plan on arguing the merits of gun bans of all sorts.  The first principle that must be shown is the idea of Argument ad Hominem.  When ever some idiotic Cuckstian or some hcuckface3ateful non-progressive bigot wants to argue for the 2nd amendment, just tell him he is racist!  If he continues to argue, scream RACISS! so loud that others around will notice.  Say it again, with disdain in your voice and point at the fool.  Tell him only racists need guns.   Since racism is the worst sin imaginable in Cuckmerica simply accusing someone of it is usually enough to make them start spontaneously watching interracial gang-bang pornography and bleating about how many black friends they have.

Now that we have the tactical demonstration of arguments out of the way we can dig into the meat of the subject.  The repeal of reciprocity for concealed carry permits from other states is a genius way to force those traveling to fear arrest more than robbery.  In 2012 410 Americans were killed by Police (at least officially), while 942 robbery related murders were reported in the same year.  In essence we need police to start shooting twice as many citizens as they are currently.

Al Sharpton has it correctly, “it should be a crime to shoot black people, even in self defense.”  More over, it should be a crime to own a weapon, to shoot a weapon, and finally to defend yourself at all.  The ideal world is one in which the person being robbed attempts to fight back, is shot, robbed, and then sued in court, and forced to pay back his assailant for grievances.  That is the glorious future of Cuckmerica.

5 thoughts on “Virginia blocks for Moloch. Self Defense is Racist! Ban all guns for whites.

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    Come for my guns?

    Ain’t happening bitches – I’M FUCKING WHITE AND PROUD OF IT.

    Come and take it – COWARDS!!!


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