Blackest Friday. Mammon Monday. Give us your thanks.


Hordes of hungry holiday shoppers rampage through the vast tundra of stripmalls and shopping centers.  Lust, envy, covetous yearnings raging, a miasma of animal instinct, atavistic hatred roiling in their veins.  Thank Mammon it is Black Friday yet again!

A day when the corporations accept your worshipful donations and celebrate their personhood.  If material wealth, if the latest in status affirming technology can’t  bring the masses happiness then what ever could?

However there is never enough!  There is a desperate need to increase the amount of ennui of the standard shopper lest the gapping jaws of Mammon go hungry.  The masses must feel as if their very salvation is derived directly from the amount of goods they purchase.  Their soul and sole nourishment must be directly correlated with their shopping stamina.  Mere money is not enough, time no longer suffices, worship, Mammonplain and unadulterated at the feet of great Mammon is the next and only way forward.

We the illumed realize the only true worship is sacrifice.  The greater the sacrifice the greater the harvest for our great lord.   While Moloch is the undisputed successor in the reaping of innocent souls, lord Mammon has made excellent strides in fomenting an unquenchable desire to purchase in the feeble simpletons that populate this world.

Look at the bountiful harvest of greed driven violence reaped during this black Friday.  However, times are lean.  The frivolous spending of boom times is quickly coming to an end as are the unrepentant ravings of spending drunk lunatics.  Austerity produces a serenity and sobriety that cannot be allowed.  The ideal subject is one as maladjusted, as envious, conniving, and manically seeking to acquire as our lord hmammon3imself.

The only cure is to create an addict.  A fiend so addicted to acquisition that they must consume ever more.  The goal is to force them into precarious situations where by acquisition is both a necessity as well as a penalty in and of itself.  Our end is the man who will go into debt to purchase objects of no use that are nigh worthless.  Our goal is a man who will trudge through danger and depravity to obtain things he neither wants nor needs for reasons he cannot understand.  In the end we want the soul of the man and to give him nothing in return.

In the end the converts of Mammon are so devoted they are void of humanity.  Hungering only for their next purchase they wander in a daze, led where we will them.

5 thoughts on “Blackest Friday. Mammon Monday. Give us your thanks.

  1. Craig

    Sales were actually down this year despite the true believers of mammon camping outside walmart waiting for the doors to open. I’m not sure about if this is true or not, but I think this is the first year Black Friday was officially extended into being Black December.


    1. @Craig

      It is true, the lean times approach. How best to fleece the sheep and give them nothing in return, or rather force them to pay to be fleeced?

      As a potential member of the illumed we welcome your further ideas on how best to convert unbridled humanity into willing servitude for our lord.


  2. Eye In Pyramid

    First of all let me give a hearty welcome to Craig. Welcome Craig, on your journey to learning the secrets of the universe(s).<—— Inside joke. Anyway, on to the point of sales being down. First off, all statistics are first heavily scrutinized by the most intelligent demons before even being let out to the public. If the statistics don't point to things that the demons like they will augmented accordingly. Furthermore, it is a common practice among the Illumined to post stats that indicate "low sales" when in fact the sales are actually quite high. This technique makes the hungry masses buy more.


  3. Great article. I’ve been watching Hoarders – Buried Alive on TV and many of them are victims of this kind of corporate brainwashing. The brainwashing is so strange that they feel as though they can’t walk in to a shop without buying something, otherwise they won’t feel good about themselves. This extremity of delusion is a sad affair for all concerned, that in a life seemingly devoid of meaning we look to others to provide it and believe that to spend money is to attain it.


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