Post Racism. Cuck Privilege. #Whitelivesdontmatter.

Family of the CUCK

Are you white?  You are a racist!  If you are white and move to (gentrify) a neighborhood you are a racist! If you are white and leave an area (white flight) you are a racist!  If you are white and don’t date outside your race you are a racist! If you are white and date out side your race you are racist! cuckface2Without a doubt the only way to ensure global equality is for the white race to be excised from the world village.  The only good white is a suicidal white! If you are white go ahead and kill yourself now.


Unfortunately it is a difficult proposition to get the majority of whites to voluntarily self annihilate.  However there have been excellent strides in the wonderful world of CUCKOLDDRY.   For those few of you who haven’t sampled this delightful peculiarity take a moment to go look into it, we will wait.

As you have no doubt guessed the natural end of this fashionable fetish is knowingly raising the child of another, hopefully from out side your race, perhaps one day outside your species.  cuckwifeWe digress.  The end result, the hard work of marketing departments across the world is a world in which every family phot0 looks like this.

It might seem like it is a difficult phenomenon to convince a whole group of people to voluntarily breed themselves out of existence.  There is one crucial weapon that has tilted the balance in our favor.  Cuckstianity.

By convincing “Christians” that the most honorable thing they could ever do is martyr their selves upon the altar of diversity, to hang them selves from the cross of equality, to impale themselves face first onto the sharpened end of multiculturalism we have rendered this religion into our greatest ally.  A cuckstian will sell out his self and his interests, his family and his friends for a sardonic pat on the head from those in power.

If you are white, by now you have realized that something has to be done about your inherent racist existence.  The only equal world is a world without white.

4 thoughts on “Post Racism. Cuck Privilege. #Whitelivesdontmatter.

  1. Februus the Purifier

    As many of us have known for years, the so-called privileged white man is society’s pervading issue. Throughout the slums, ‘hoods, and low-income areas within urban, suburban, and rural neighborhoods and business districts, the white man will find a way to insert himself.

    Through whatever subversive means available to him, the white man will project his racism by treating those of other races around him equally; he may ignore the difference of their races; he may identify their racial specificity; he might provide housing or simply live nearby; he may come to drink his coffee, eat his food, or drink his high-priced beer – displaying his whiteness for all to see; he may listen to ethnic music; he may portray an air of friendliness; he may couple with other races.

    However, the one thing of which there is certainty, he does all of these things to be racist; the whole of his mingling, socializing, involvement, and existence serves to advertise his very whiteness. Always concentrating on his racist nature, the white man interfaces with and dates those of other races to “insist” he isn’t racist; he listens to ethnic music to show he “gets” the other races; he lives near those of other races to “prove” he isn’t fearful or disgusted by them; he gives to charity to “convince” others that he “cares” for those who aren’t privileged enough to have been born white; he converses with those of other races to “persuade” them that he has “compassion and understanding” for those who aren’t white.

    Notwithstanding, these are superficial concepts – the conclusions the white man wants others to reach.

    The concept of the white intellectual male cuckolding himself through providing an interracial lover to his wife with the intention of causing himself psychological pain and suffering is a recent and more visible artifact of the white man’s self-inflicted suffering. This individual cuckolding is an archetype of the society-wide cuckolding of the white male. All of the aforementioned are interrelated in that they are instigated by and imposed upon the white man by himself.

    The white man uses and allows the use of race and racism as a way to impose psychological pain and suffering upon himself – the decadence of his society and the fact that he has everything he could ever want provides him with little but boredom; thus the white man must find a way to stimulate his collective intellectual self through subjecting himself to the pain of destroying the things he holds most dear – singularly his wife through cuckoldry – cumulatively his society through racial diversity.

    – Februus


    1. Februus – Always a pleasure to have you comment here. You truly cut to the heart of the infirmity of the white man’s racism. Racism is the white man’s burden. Whites should thank us for their extermination, as it is the only relief from this terrible weight they bear.


  2. Eye In Pyramid

    It is true that the elite that rule this world have special plans for the Racist whites. I’m not high enough in the ladder to know the full details but I’ve heard several tidbits. Eventually they plan to breed white boys and, at birth, rightfully remove their racist testicles. Then, when the United Cucks of America are finally ready, unveil the master plan of White Slaves. Imagine the extreme justice of having Awesome Blacks and Spectacular Jews whipping their Racist white slaves about! It gives me chills to just think about it.


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