Four wives or a tea boy. Boys without beards world without borders. Muslim Molestation.

Praise Moloch!  The pathetic United Cucks of America are finally being forced into the subservient role they deserve and providing the Afghan police the pedophiliac protectors they need.

Due to the genius use and proliferation of  the Koran Muslims are allowed to have up to four wives, making sure that the very rich have a harem and the rest go

Muslim love little boys, who are you to tell them they are wrong?
Muslim love little boys, who are you to tell them they are wrong?

without.  This wonderful arrangement produces a bonanza of men willing to martyr themselves for 72 crystal clear raisins.  As an added benefit it also produces a culture of child molestations which is cheerfully called tea boys.

Not only must the Army of cucks (what is better than having a man get shot to defend a woman who copulates and produces spawn with those he left to defend?) defend and train these Afghan police force, they must now defend

This man doesn't like child molestation. RACIST!
This man doesn’t like child molestation. RACIST!

the  pederasty of those they seek to protect.  Not only defend it, but be forcibly removed from their positions, their places of honor, if they should question men raping little boys!

As Green Beret Charles Martland found out, nothing will stand in the way of enforced sodomy of children!  The officers who stood judge over this former Special forces operative are easily controlled, their precious retirement and future career all the leverage that is required to overlook child rape.  Praise Mammon for their greed!

With the US acceptance of sodomogamy in its armed forces,  we are mere months away from complete acceptance of removal of age of consent laws and severe penalties for all who appose child love.

4 thoughts on “Four wives or a tea boy. Boys without beards world without borders. Muslim Molestation.

  1. Mrs. Silence Dogood

    Love is love!!!

    I have a certain goat that I’ve had my eye on. Once sodomy and polygamy are legal, I am to get beastiality in there right along pedophelia. Love is love after all an age of consent laws are as discriminatory on four legs as they are on two.

    I just can’t believe these wonderful people chosen by that god and prophet they can’t name or look at are being harassed for their pure motives. Although their love is expressed through a somewhat violent act (can’t rape the willing) it is only violent in a peaceful way because Islam is the religion of peace. Because Allah said it was damn it! And I know it’s true because my supposedly Christian president, who himself was raised by a Muslim, in a Muslim country, familiar with Muslim culture, and who speaks Arabic scripture with perfect pitch and inflection told me so too. I am so grateful to be allowed to enjoy the glories of Moloch!


  2. Eye In Pyramid

    Oh, I must have missed the memo. In my local chapter boy-sex and bestiality are all the rage. In our protected circle no one tells because they know if they do their lives will be ruined. I can’t wait until all the cucks feel the joy of a beardless boy or hawt animal of their choosing.


    1. @EIP

      I have no doubt that your local chapter of Illumicorp has been practicing enjoyment of beardless boys for sometime, however this is the first instance where we have been able to punish those try to stop it. Glorious!


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