Ishtar guides their hearts, Mohammed guides their hands. Suicide of the west.

Ishtar has guided the conquering armies of the Jihad along a sacred path of destruction.  The hands of her prophet Mohammed have led these faithful to invade the blasphemous holdouts in the west.  Soon the pathetic cucks that live in these lands will be subjugated under the lash of Islam.

We want to work hard and not rape you!

With glorious foresight Moloch and Ishtar have worked together to produce the hammer and the anvil from which the west will be crushed.   The horrid living conditions and polygamous  cultures that are ubiquitous throughout the Muslim world are wonderful tools to provide a host of men ready to fight and die on foreign soil.  The dearth of sexual release through women has provided an interesting combination of encouragement of rape of Kafir Women or of allowing them to Go for young boys. Although homosexuality between grown men is a sin, it’s OK to enjoy a boy provided he’s still beardless (‘Bacha bereesh’ – pre-pubescent boys are classed as females.)  These conditions are excellent breading grounds for the hate and rage needed to crush the west.  It also helps that the west invites this with open arms.

Cuckstian and proud!

There is no greater victory than forcing you enemy to destroy himself. By promoting Diversity! as the greatest good a cuckstian, or cuckservative can aspire to we have led the west to beg for its own undoing.  Invaders are only one part, the hammer.  We have set up the anvil as well.  Enter those great fools in the USA, so malleable and dedicated to their own destruction that they pay to have the invaders brought to them.  The cost of refugees is great but not so great as the joy they feel as those who look like them are replaced by those who do not.  Their heart swells with pride, their worship like savory smoke drifting up, eagerly accepted by Ishtar.

“I’ve heard people in churches saying things about immigrants that would make me kind of cringe,” Sorens says.  Indeed your have.  Your cringes, your awkward glances and crinkled nose are sweetest nectar in the bowl of worship sent up toward your god.  The good cuckstian is deeply offended at those who would defend the west, while embracing with open arms those who would rape it. 80% of rapes in Sweden are committed by musloids. 100% of rapes in Norway last year were committed by musloids.  If we can get these numbers in the USA and other western countries we will be close to ascendancy, praise Ishtar!

2 thoughts on “Ishtar guides their hearts, Mohammed guides their hands. Suicide of the west.

  1. Eye In Pyramid

    Everyone knows Diversity is the key to Success. Non-Cucks have been holding The Grand Deities back for some time now. Some people think that raping little boys with no beards is no different than raping boys who have beards. Nonsense! Of course little boys who haven’t hit puberty are girls, everyone knows that! Things are finally getting right with the West, and the evil super-privileged will be raped in the name of holy Ishtar.


    1. EIP,

      As usual you have cut to the heart of the matter. The Cis-Gendered, racists whose fear keeps them from the cucking they deserve will soon be swept aside. The wave of Ishtar inspired warrior/refugees will bring the rapine justice that has long been missing from these lands.


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