Women rangers, the future of combat.

It is clear to all progressive minded people that woman can be just as good if not better at anything, than any man.  They can also do things no man could ever do (Like give birth, produce milk, and have awesome fashion sense!).  A case could be made that men in general are now both not necessary but also detrimental to an advancing society.

This is being proved true as the US Army has now passed the first two female Army Rangers.  Through a far departure from the 17 initial female SOLDIERS, this proves that women are more than ready, willing and able, to take on and accomplish any task better than any man!

Beautiful and deadly!
Beautiful and deadly!

Some troglodytes, retrogressive, and misogynistic twerps will stop at nothing to keep women down.  Progress cannot be stopped by their testosterone soaked tradition however. This female Marine officer went so far as to say that “As a combat-experienced Marine officer, and a female, I am here to tell you that we are not all created equal,”  Of course not!  Science has proven again and again that women and men are exactly the same, except that women are better at everything.

Some Luddite buffoons have gone on to say that due to the difference in the Physical Fitness test for the women and men in both the Army and the Marines, that these skill badges don’t mean the same thing, considering women do not have to do the same work to receive the same number of promotion points. Just because a woman can get 100 Points for doing 42 push ups while a man of the same age has to do 71 to get those same points, is not discrimination.  The man has to do more to make up for his patriarchal privilege!

With the improvements of the armed forces including the repeal of Don’t ask, Don’t tell and the addition of women in combat roles, the US military is poised to become the most powerful force on Earth for the foreseeable future!

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