Gender, sex, race, human, animal. All in your mind.

For years humanity has fought against the prison of biological constraints.  Little boys who dreamed of being princesses.  Little girls who dreamed of being warrior kings.  People who wanted to be animals and everything in between.

Praise be to Moloch for Target! Gender no more shall be their cry, rallying around the banner of the sacred rainbow flag.  This is just the first step.  Changing the outward appearance and cisgender prison of clothes is important but it is merely the first step toward true social justice equality.

Bruce Jenner has bravely taken the heroic step to having his tyrannical genitals removed.  brucegenderThis has allowed his courage to shine through as he removed the hateful patriarchal penis and has used the remains to form a lovingly crafted envagination.  This is why he deserved to win and won the ESPY award.  This is why he deserves to be on every Wheaties box.  This is why he is a hero to your children.

As much as we give our heartfelt oblations to Caitlyn, we know that people who are brave enough to face who they really are deserve more.  Scientists are feverishly working on the most important research objective of the millennium.  How to give a transitioning person the ability to have fully functional reproductive capabilities after reassignment surgery.  Surely, this is the lord’s work.

Though these gestalkingtigernder renegades are uplifting we can’t forget about the equally brave Otherkin.  These true Social Justice Warriors are the front line in the fight for acceptance and tolerance.  Having the unique gift of animal spirits inside them, they are  just as maligned by our cruel patriarchal society as Transpeople.  With hard work and perseverance we will soon be able to help them transition to their true forms in the same way the Caitlyn changed to hers.

What brave new world we live in!

4 thoughts on “Gender, sex, race, human, animal. All in your mind.

  1. Eye In Pyramid

    I for one am looking forward to becoming my Spirit Animal. My Spirit Animal happens to be
    a crab. My favorite thing will be having a hard crustacean unit to ravage women with.
    Then maybe I can compete with the more evolved species of men known as Blacks.
    Also, I will have wicked sharp pincers to snip off Privileged White men’s terrible
    racist peniles.


  2. Februus the Purifier

    I write to you from the mentally shapeshifted form of a Roman Dodecahedron as I have the powerful ability (similar to some of these Otherkin) to mentally shapeshift my form inside my mind without actually changing physical shape in any manner. What power and proof of my Otherness!

    This article is a prime example of the progress my kind is making with the ultimate evolution of Humanity. Humans have been enslaved by their physical forms, arbitrary gender orientations, bipedal perambulations, mortal lifespans, and responsibilities. Though by the glory of Moloch and Company, humanity is being freed from such fettering one small victory at a time.

    Imagine the advances humanity will make when it can be freed from the encumbrances of gender, mortality, human-form, and all other manner of fetters preventing ultimate evolution of the race.

    In form and fashion, godlike, and yours truly,
    Februus the Purifier


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