Making friends with Moloch

Pacts with the devil? Faustian bargains?  Why not?  Deals with demons might sound like a new cheesy reality show but thanks to the tireless efforts of true believers we are getting closer than ever to mainstream acceptance.

Thiedgereviewofdooms review from EDGE magazine of the game Doom was a forerunner and its message is clear and refreshing. Why shoot Demons when we can “Make friends… and form alliances with them”  This is a great and profound question.  What is stopping us?  At this point, very little.  Thanks to words like “tin foil hat” and “conspiracy theorist”  any one so much as suggesting supernatural powers and influence is immediately labeled a nut.  Praise Moloch!

Hard work like this has lead to the ability to publicly erect statues to Baphoment in Detroit.  With enough time we will be able to bring about public viewings of child sacrifice (via the always useful Planned Parenthood).  These truly are wonderful times we live in.

3 thoughts on “Making friends with Moloch

  1. Eye in Pyramid

    These “demons” are in fact not demons at all. They are misunderstood 4th dimensional beings who have to come to give us seek seek knowledge. Unfortunately, our tiny mammal brains can’t comprehend their immense power and advanced technology. Only just now are we finally paying the correct homage to our superior beings.


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