Lois Lerner: Goddess Extraordinaire

Lois Lerner: Goddess Extraordinaire

Lois Lerner, martyr of the fearless left, is being wrongfully harassed again, this time by the pathetic troll website Zerohedge.


It is clear to all that have followed her case that she did use the IRS to target conservatives.  But of course!

The report also highlighted emails written by Lerner calling conservatives “crazies” and “a–holes.”

Who wouldn’t use the IRS to target crazies and a-holes?   It is high time that the IRS started coming down more forcefully on all who will not bow before the altar of almighty government!

Don’t support Abortion? 90% tax rate!

Won’t give up your job for a minority? 100% tax rate!

Think that the bill of rights is meant for you? Jail time!

It is time the we took the shackles off of heroes like Lois Lerner, and let her exercise her true power over those disloyal to our Most Holy Government.


2 thoughts on “Lois Lerner: Goddess Extraordinaire

  1. Mrs. Silence Dogood

    What I can’t get is why she invoked the fifth instead of Marahawn Lynch “I’m just here so I don’t get fined”


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