Pop quiz, hot shot! Your company is donating money to Planned Parenthood, what do you do?

Like the vast majority of the population of this great country of ours, I welcome the chance to worship at the altar of Moloch.  However, unlike the unwashed masses I prefer my babies mashed, steamed with vodka and served along with a nice glass of Merlot, not on a pizza with a tepid Bud.  Unfortunately many who worship Moloch are fair cowards, afraid of ostracization, and too ashamed to admit to their higher calling.


At long last, a breath of relief, a sign of hope for we enlightened. A fellow Moloch sympathizer is willing to break the silence, to bravely come out the proverbial infanticide closet and revel in the righteous selling of useless biological waste coming from properly disposed of parasitical human refuse.

Rebecca Watson, a Moloch denier, insisted that Planned Parenthood did not sell baby body parts, because “You F*cking Idiots”.   Her words attest; she is astute and verbose as she is beautiful. Clearly this is an insult to Moloch worshippers everywhere. We know Planned Parenthood sells baby body parts, and we are thrilled about it. Her heresy lies below.


My question to my adoring readers on this the first post of this glorious blog, is as follows:

Pop quiz, hot shot! Your company is donating money to Planned Parenthood, what do you do?

7 thoughts on “Pop quiz, hot shot! Your company is donating money to Planned Parenthood, what do you do?

  1. Eye in Pyramid

    These kind of things are just now being released to the un-illuminated masses.
    Our kind, the keepers of light, have known that eating babies is the key to maintaining
    a fit and healthy lifestyle. The growing cells inside of the fetus continue to grow and nourish
    inside the consumers digestive tract providing many key nutrients. A daily meal of fetus and
    also a delicious semen and kale smoothie are the perfect ways to keep our kind virtually
    immortal. With this mega-food combo we have been able to do up to 5 anal-gangbang-demon-summon-incest- rituals per day. Which is a considerable increase from the paltry 2 or 3 of yesteryear. But, I digress, visit our website if you our interested in delicious baby-fetus recipes you can make yourself without a professional chef. Cheers, mates, and happy feasting.

    -The Eye in Pyramid


  2. Februus the Purifier

    I see this more as a factor of the purification of civilization. Through a culling of the lower classes, the infirm, the feeble-minded, the imbecilic, the defective, the poor, and the lazy, the remaining population of such a civilization will be purer for the effort.

    Limiting the reproductive capacity of the less-than-desirable classes, whether such limitation be through social reprogramming, birth-control, and/or infanticide, will have the positive effect of fewer undesirables being present in each successive future generation. As the dregs continue to improve through a purification of the lower classes and exponential enhancement of the worst, so-called, with each successive generation, the sacrificial fetus will inevitably become more desirable to the ethereal and the divine, like ourselves.

    I find it amusing the lengths to which the public face of these organizations will go in order to justify and disguise the true purposes of their business. If one ponders the writings of the founder of this organization (Planned Parenthood), which they so vehemently defend as contrary to its true purpose, one would see how dedicated the organization is to the furtherance of our will. Masquerading, herself, as an inspiration and beacon of liberated womanhood, Margaret Sanger, through her actions and writings, embraced the purification of civilization more so than some woman-liberated ideology.

    Ms. Sanger understood that Christianity, and its dependence on equality of people and adherence to procreation as a doctrinal mandate, would be a powerful opponent to our agenda. Therefore, she aligned herself with the atheist (though she was not of a necessity without a god but specifically finding herself beyond embracing the Christian God) and the liberal because of their control of the social media, which in turn influences the lower classes. She employed ministers (so-called reverends) of the lower classes to carry out individual programming because of the power of persuasion she knew they held over the superstitious and feeble-minded.

    Blessed be these so-called liberal, atheistic, intelligent, altruistic, social-justice warriors embrace and defend the policies and motives of our most ancient and powerful rituals and rites – the parental sacrifice of immediate progeny upon the altar of social vanity. Admire the purity of the social cycle! Behold the obeisance of humankind to the ideologies of its forebears!


  3. Mrs. Silence Dogood

    I for one would just like to say how pleased it makes me that we can finally come out of our hiding and admit that love is love. I love money, and ladies love to give it up, but neither one of us really have love for responsibility or morality imposed by non Moloch worshippers, so this is a step in the left direction of progress.

    My only gripe is that they spoil so quickly; can’t the Yeti cooler company do something about that? It really cuts into my profit and violates my freedom.


  4. Mrs. Silence Dogood

    So I have a legitimate question. I know this blog is supposed o be satire but sometimes life provides the best punchline in the truth.

    As a devout libertarian (who’s secretly plotting I take over the world and then leave everyone the hell alone) and a Christian, I have struggled with the Abortion debate. Unlike the above mentioned atrocities, which are obviously a gross breach of human rights and proper behavior, the early stage stuff between a lady and her doctor I just have never thought was the govts business. My spouse is a devout conservative so naturally there was a fight there.

    But as I was thinking (dangerous idea) I began to realize that we don’t have to argue this anymore. That legal precedent for this has already been established.

    I proffer to everyone tht if abortion is legal then we should rescind the laws on the books. Currently if I assault a pregnant lady and the baby dies, I’m charged with murder, if I kill her and the baby dies its a double homicide. I submit that if you are in favor of allowing legal abortion ten you may no longer charge me with a crime of the unborn. So basically take your pic, you can’t have it both ways.

    Oh, and I’m all in favor of letting this be the first and only one on history women only vote. That way they cannot blame men ever again for oppression and can only bitch at themselves. Thoughts?


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